Some of you may remember Flipper, an indie title being developed by Goodbye Galaxy Games. The game features a boy traveling though various worlds trying to rescue his pet Goldfish named (surprisingly) Flipper.

We've been following the title since its early inception (in part thanks to Hugo Smits and his blog which documents his experience with developing the title, well worth a read). We've seen it morph into a full fledged game over time and now finally Flipper has a set release date, in North America at least! From February 22nd you'll be able to experience this unique-looking title.

The game features 20 levels set over 4 worlds with colourful visuals, powerups that include the ability to blast your surroundings and build on them and a disgruntled-looking goldfish to boot.

As always we'll be on hand to deliver our verdict on this title as soon as possible. We've also got an interview with GBG's Hugo Smits himself to come in the near future so stay tuned!