All this and MotionPlus. Amazing.

If you're fed up of clicking that MotionPlus accessory into the bottom of your Wii Remote, you might want to consider picking up Nyko's new Wand+, which features the accessory built inside the controller itself. Arcane magic indeed.

Here's what Nyko has to say about its new creation.

By building the technology into the controller, the Wand + provides all the functionality Wii gamers expect, plus the versatility and convenience they deserve; no more dongles, no more custom sleeves or incompatibility with docks and other accessories not able to accommodate attached dongles.

Priced at $39.99 and due for release in March, this could prove to be a very smart buy for Wii owners who don't fancy buying extra Remotes and MotionPlus attachments just to get the most out of Wii Sports Resort, Red Steel 2 and company.