Squibs Arcade is certainly one of the more unique upcoming WiiWare titles we have come across. It’s basically a parody of all the top rated titles for Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, oh yeah and Assassins Creed too! The trick is all these modern games are stripped down to their core gameplay essentials and presented as a LCD game from yesteryear.

Our pals over at Alten8 assure us that the game will appeal to many different audiences including kids, causal players and hardcore fans who will ‘get’ all the in-jokes.

All these games will come in one bundle package for the bargain price of just 500 Nintendo points.

See below the fold for the gameplay trailer and screenshot gallery.

Here’s more about the game from Alten8:

SQUIBS ARCADE is a collection of classic favourites based on the old style of LCD games including Clown, Gun Cogs, Crowd Wader, Button Basher, Fantasy Turn Base, Call of Honour, Jack-a-Motor, Lots of Levelling, Cardboard Axel Mush, We're Fat, and Regret the Fist.

Alten8 believes it appeals to both casual game players, but also hardcore game fans. There’s a great variety of fun gameplay across the collection: in Clown move the clown’s hands to where the bombs are going to land or BOOM!; follow the beat of the music in Button Basher; live through monster battles in Fantasy Turn Base or Jack as many cars as you can and avoid the police and breaking down in Jack-a-Motor and in We’re Fat, Shigeru wants us to get healthy, so aim to avoid the cakes and eat the carrots.

It’s quite a surprise to see a new WiiWare announcement from Alten8 as we are still waiting for the release of the troubled Eternity’s Child. Perhaps it would be best for them to cut their losses and turn it into a Game & Watch and be done with it?