Moore admits that EA has to raise its game on Wii

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has admitted to Eurogamer that his company isn't doing as well as it could be when it comes to the Nintendo Wii.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the UK-based website, Moore had this to say:

I think we need to continue to work on the Wii. When I look at the attach rate on the Wii of our software to where I think we should be, we're under-performing still, we need to do much better.

Wii continues to bring new people into our business, and boy are we thankful for that. And we as an industry need to continue to take advantage of that and maybe make better games for the Wii, and make sure we're delivering entertainment that that consumer wants at that time.

It's not all doom and gloom, however. Moore is excited about the impact that Wii MotionPlus will have when it's released this year:

MotionPlus gives us a great opportunity really now to take advantage of the Wii. Those two titles couldn't come at a better time for us, nor for Nintendo quite frankly.

Check out the full interview here.