Should McCree remain in a shallow grave or will it gain new fans on the Wii?

Chances are many of you won't have been alive when the FMV gaming craze happened in the late '80s/early '90s; the storage power of formats like LaserDisc and CD-ROM caused game developers to go a little crazy, creating titles with live action footage that had all the depth of a shallow puddle.

One such title was Mad Dog McCree, a lightgun arcade game which contained footage of real actors. It was converted to a whole host of different home formats back in the day, but its recently been classified by the ESRB, which would suggest it's about to get another lease of life.

Last month, the rental service Gamefly posted news that it was coming to the Wii, with Majesco handling the publishing duties. Needless to say, we'll give you solid news when we have it.