Bub, Bob, Bab and Bib

The game will have 200 maps, 100 for the original game and another 100 in the arrange mode. Taking into account the two difficulty settings this makes a mighty 400 maps. Four players are also supported, Bub and Bob are joined by Bab and Bib in their eternal quest to defeat the nasty Count Von Blubba. There are also online leaderboards available - all this for just 800 Wii points.

Being a Square Enix / Taito game it would not be complete without a smattering of DLC to mop up any spare Wii points you might happen to have. The two ‘expert’ packs will be priced at 200 Wii points each and both offer 50 more stages and a new boss to defeat.

Watch out for our first impressions by our resident Japanese correspondent Sean following the Japanese release. We’re confident of a Western release under the Bubble Bobble Plus! moniker, but when exactly that will be is anybody’s guess… not long we hope!

Nintendo of Japan