Ratings, ratings, ratings!

We already explained the various ratings board acronyms last time - If you've forgotten them, just check out the June list again! This time we'll list all games rated in July and August which have not yet been released in the region they were rated for:

ESRB rated:

It is also noteworthy that the ESRB has rated a game called Star Parodius, published by Hudson Soft. Star Parodier already has an ESRB rating, so either somebody messed up and reposted Star Parodier's rating, confusing its name with Konami's Parodius in the process, or the PC Engine version of Parodius is coming to the US as an import and is being published by Hudson Soft (And again, somebody probably messed up the name in the process!).

OFLC rated:

USK rated:

  • Nothing new got rated in the last two months.

PEGI rated:

Clearly the amount of games being rated has slowed down tremendously! For the ESRB this is no surprise - Look at our Coming Soon list and see how many games are ESRB rated and thus ready for release already - But for PAL regions this is slightly worrying, as there's not many games left rated by the OFLC, PEGI and USK at the moment. Hopefully this will all change soon so we can once again relish in knowing most of the games to be released in advance!