Surprisingly TV Show King still commands a top 5 position

We are checking the list for the American region, so if you live elsewhere your list will probably be a lot different. Feel free to post your findings below as always.

Here is the list for 16th July:

1 (1) - My Pokémon Ranch
2 (2) - Dr Mario Online Rx
3 (3) - Defend your Castle
4 (5) - Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King
5 (6) - TV Show King
6 (4) - Gyrostarr
7 (7) - LostWinds
8 (11) - Magnetica Twist
9 (9) - Family Table Tennis
10 (9) - Cocoto Fishing Master
11 (15) - SPOGS Racing
12 (10) - Block Breaker Deluxe
13 (12) - V.I.P. Casino: Blackjack
14 (13) - Pop
15 (14) - Toki Tori
16 (N) - Major League Eating: The Game
17 (16) - Protöthea
18 (17) - Critter Round-Up
19 (18) - Star Soldier R

N denotes a new entry

Not too much movement this week, just a bit of reshuffling as Gyrostarr begins its descent. The firm favourites hold fast yet again. Surprisingly TV Show King is back in the top 5, it just goes to show the power of the causals market on the Wii.

SPOGS Racing made it to 11 which isn’t too hot as it has been out for over a week now. We would imagine this should decline from next week onwards, but you never know do you? Major League Eating made uneventful entry, but this could all change by next week as the E3 dust clears and some reviews of this game circulate across the web.

Very soon poor old Star Soldier R will be gone from our top 20 list forever. Say it ain’t so! Not before Critter Round-Up, is there no justice?

Let us know your thoughts on this week’s findings below as always.