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18:15PM: I'm in shock. Do Nintendo really think they can get away with a show like that? They announced nothing. Sure Wii Sports Resort will sell well. Sure Animal Crossing looked fun but when I look beyond those two games are saw nothing that interests me. And like I said earlier I only see four or five on Nintendo's release schedule for the rest of the year. No doubt the Wii will continue selling but for current owners - well that's your lot.

18:13PM: That's it folks. The techno beat rings and the forum goers are going to be outraged at that lacklustre showing I feel.

18:12PM: Immitation is just around the corner. Do Nintendo know something we don't?

18:11PM: So that's our lot then. "Nintendo brings more smiles to more faces". Do they? My face is pretty drooped at the moment. "You can't call Wii a fad anymore".

18:09PM: Oh wow. Am I being negative or was that awful? Sympathetic applause ring out through the room as Reggie returns to the stage. Are you going to announce any games yet Nintendo? As far as I can tell we only have Super Sluggers, Wario Land, Animal Crossing, Wii Music and Wii Sports Resort coming out over the next half year. What the hell?

18:08PM: The band perform an awfully slow rendition of Super Mario Bros. This is embarassing?

18:06PM: Reggie was a bad conductor back in 2005/2006. You can create your own music videos. Everyone is going to come on stage to play a song.

18:05PM: The drum simulator looks cool. You can take drum lessons with it which kinda makes it interesting.

18:03PM: You can play over 50 instruments just by moving your arms. The guitar didn't look very fun. No doubt this game will sell by the bucket load but I'm not excited for it. I'm worried for Nintendo's release lineup. They've barely announced anything.

18:02PM: Basically you don't do anything you just make the motion that you're playing and the game does everything else for you. What is the point in this? Needless to say I'm very underwhelmed at the moment. It's cool but I don't get it?

18:01PM: This game isn't based on rhythm. This game is for everyone. How the hell is it going to work Shigsy?

18:00PM: Miyamoto is wearing a Super Mario Tshirt. He is cool. "This game is one of the games we started developing alongside Wii Sports, Play and Fit". "Music is a must". This game will sell by the truckloads but it doesn't really excite me. Is this exciting anyone else?

17:59PM: Shigeru Miyamoto is playing a sax with a Wii Remote. It's all a bit bizarre but very, very cool. The drummer is playing along. It's all a bit like Rock Band but without tons of needless accessories.

17:58PM: There's going to be one more announcement before the show is over. This game will generate a lot of smiles. This is the big announcement we are waiting for right? There's a jungle beat and lots of subby bass. Looks like Wii Music. HAHA this is fucking cool A drum kit. Kick drum is controlled by the balance board, everything else controlled by remote. Works just like a real drum kit. This could be a lot of fun. The guy who is playing the game is going mental.

17:57PM: There will be lots of sports in Wii Sports Resort. Developers are working on Wii Motion Plus. Nothing is planned as of yet though. Erm. Ok.

17:56PM: I hate Cammie.

17:54PM: There's a sword game for the Wii Sports Resort game. That looks cool. Reggie and Cammie are having a sword fight. This is the first thing that has interested me since the start of the show. Reggie kicks some ass.

17:53PM: Reggie plays a bit of a Jet Ski game. It all looks pretty good fun but I'm not seeing anything that blows me away like Wii Sports did.

17:52PM: You can play disc dog. Woohoo. This looks fun. The MotionPLUS will reinvent the Wii Remote. She represents the MotionPLUS. It looks pretty good.

17:51PM: It renders every move of your arm as a response in the game. Wii Sports Resort is announced. What did I tell you guys? Reggie is going to play the game on stage. Wii MotionPlus will be packaged with Wii Sports Resort.

17:50PM: Reggie's back. THE MOTIONPLUS IS ANNOUNCED. It makes the Wii Remote more precise, more responsive, more intense.

17:49PM: The DS is an electronic cook book now. Woohoo. The cookbook is dropping in November. I dunno whether it's the same game that's already out over here. The DS is a "natural companion for everyone".

17:48PM: Cammie is talking about Nintendo Wi-Fi on the DS. It all sounds really gimmicky and no one cares. Put Reggie back on.

17:47PM: GRAND THEFT AUTO IS COMING TO NINTENDO DS. New game engine, new characters and the usual things we come to expect from the GTA series.

17:46PM: Pokemon Rangers sequel is heading to the Nintendo DS. Some sarcastic laughs from the audience?

17:44PM: Spore looks quite fun. It's a different game to the full version - it's a unique experience using the stylus. You can share your creatures with friends. Shared creatures will show up in the game.

17:43PM: You can song share on Guitar Hero: On Tour. Sounds good but I've still seen nothing that excites me. I'm sure the Guitar Hero fans will be thrilled.

17:41PM: Games look ok, still yet to see anything that interests me. Cammie is back to talk about portable games. 48% of DS owners are females. Activision reports that the current DS version of Guitar Hero sold 300,000 copies in it's first week in USA. Guitar Hero: On Tour Decades. Spore is also coming to DS.

17:40PM: Star Wars: The Clone Wars is announced. The fire light sabre game. Coming Holiday 2008. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV is announced. Makes use of the Wii Balance Board. Looks like lots of mini game compilations. Call Of Duty 5: World At War is coming to Wii. Wii Zapper compatible. Co-op mode too.

17:39PM: The Wii platform is the biggest growing console for new software. Reggie has selected three games that take advantage of the Wii.

17:38PM: "Is this [the Wii] the place to freshen up previous IP's."

17:37PM: Wii Sports and Wii Fit were for non-gamers. Metroid and Mario were for the vereran games. 19 third party games have exceeded 400,000 units in Europe alone. Loads of third parties are working for Wii.

17:36PM: More talk about sales. Wii sells more games in it's first 19 months than any other console ever.

17:35PM: Nintendo Wii is kicking any previous consoles arse ever. We get the message Reggie, we get it.

17:35PM: Reggie says advertising doubles sales. Duh!

17:34PM: Wii is competing against the DS and no one else.

17:33PM: DS sales in the US are 12% ahead of last years record. Hardware sales are driven by key software franchises. Nintendo are still bigging themselves up but announcing nothing new yet. Come on Nintendo, Microsoft had shown about 4 games by this point.

17:32PM: He's addressing the hardcore and the casual gamers. Nintendo DS is kicking ass. 100 million systems will be sold by the end of the year.

17:31PM: HERE'S REGGIE FILS-AIME. "We are pleased but not totally satisfied". Animal Crossing and Wii Speak coming by the end of the year. Reggie is talking more sales. 10 million systems have been sold. 20 million DS'. 5 billion dollars retail just in the US. Nintendo still aren't satisfied.

17:30PM: You can visit peoples houses and towns. Are they nice towns? Tidy or untidy? It's all about personality in Animal Crossing: City Folk. The games focus is creativity and connectivity. Looks ok.

17:29PM: WiiSpeak is announced. Sits on top of the sensor bar. Allows for chat between players as you play games. Similar to the XBOX headset but not a headset if that makes sense.

17:29PM: You can send letters and stuff.

17:28PM: There's a City. You can find out what other players are doing. Sell items. Buy clothing. Go to a beauty salon and change your hairstyle or put on a mask and choose to look like your Mii.

17:27PM: No required goals. Players can roam their town and do what they want to do. Game looks vibrant. The AI is amazing. It's like a real world. There is a 24 hour clock year around. People go to bed at night.

17:26PM: HERE COMES ANIMAL CROSSING WII. Creator Katusya is talking about his aims for Animal Crossing: CITY FOLK. Official breaking news here.

17:25PM: Nintendo are going to focus creativity and community in a key holiday release. Animal Crossing?

17:25PM: Nintendo are pioneers. I'm going to cry.

17:24PM: "What can we do next? What was originally innovative becomes tired when the imitators jump on board." A prescripted response to the rumoured unveiling of a 360 Remote right?

17:23PM: Mario Kart Wii and Wii Fit have destroyed the barriers between the gamer stereotype and new casual gamers. Guitar Hero sells more on Wii than anywhere else?

17:22PM: 200,000 Nintendo DS units are being bought every week in Europe. Huge amounts of Wii consoles shifting in the USA too. It's like the holiday period all the time for Nintendo.

17:21PM: "Small teams with small budgets can acheive a worldwide audience". "The userbase has adapted". "Our common sense view of the market was too limited". Can we see some games now Mr. Iwata?

17:20PM: "Players no longer seek more gorgeous graphics". The Zelda and Mario team are working on new products as we speak.

17:19PM: "Games are selling steadily for a long period of time. This has never happened in video games before". Very true Mr. Iwata. These products are "evergreens".

17:18PM: "Everyone held a pessimistic view of the Wii's initial announcement". "Even Nintendo employees didn't think the market would adapt to allow for millions of sales of bathroom scales around the world". "The video game market has changed".

17:17PM: "Good morning". Good morning Mr. Iwata. A big shift has occured in the gaming market.

17:16PM: Shaun White Snowboarding coming year end. HERE COMES IWATA. To few applause.

17:15PM: Cammie gets a few tips on how to snowboard from Shaun White himself. Take her off the stage and put Reggie on. Please.

17:14PM: It's Mr. Shaun White playing himself. This show is really awkward so far. Shaun says the Balance Board "is really fun".

17:13PM: I wish she'd shut up and get to the point. Here comes Shaun White Snowboarding played with the Balance Board.

17:12PM: She's talking about snowboarding and breaking her wrist. Setting up an announcement for 1080 Snowboarding perhaps? "Snowboarding is harder than it looks".

17:11PM: Here comes Cammie. Who the hell's she? "Good morning, as you can see, I'm not Reggie". She looks like a primary school teacher.

17:10PM: "We promise to keep the world smiling."

17:08PM: Here comes the opening video. People having fun with Wii seems to be the theme for the second year running. Babies can play. Mums can play. Dads can play. Gran can play. Smiles all around.

17:07PM: Apparently the delay of Reggie taking to the stage is a metaphor for Nintendo's treatment of European game release schedules.

17:06PM: Still no sign of Reggie or co. The synth driven track playing in the theatre is particularly cool though.

17:03PM: The stage is filled with lots of neon blue lights and pictures of happy gamers playing the Wii. The "players" are from a range of varying demographics highlighting Nintendo's key family focus.

17:02PM: These sort of things always keep you waiting. I'm sure Reggie is just combing his hair. Don't blink for fear of missing something.

16:58PM: The kick ass beats are spinning and the loops are, er, looping. Here we go then. Literally minutes to go.

16:54PM: Argh, the agonising wait to the inevitably badass unveilings is like pulling your eyes out with pins and being forced to briefly watch your teeth chew them up.

16:48PM: The media are lazily making their way into the Kodak Theatre -- this is an early showing (9AM start in LA) so Reggie and co are going to have their work cut out rousing the sleepy journo's. We reckon a new Zelda trailer might do the trick.

16:43PM: Anyone else suffering from sweaty palms? 17 minutes to go!!

16:36PM: Slight technical problems stopping me from actually posting content are now being fixed. Stress meter decreases.

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