Be there or be square!

Traditionally E3 is the place to reveal any new "killer app" in the gaming world, gamers and fans around the world will be waiting to hear Reggie spill the beans on the latest games that we'll all be playing come 08/09.

In recent years Nintendo have been very successful in keeping their secrets to themselves, shrouding themselves in darkness, refusing the comment on speculation before the big show. It's been quite hard to predict with the new wave of games and devices from Nintendo, last year we were introduced to Wii Fit for the first time which at first created mix opinions, one year later the sales figures speak for themselves.

Nintendo are currently leading the market in game control innovation, don't be surprised if they announce another input device to compliment the existing set of devices. Just this morning Nintendo announced the MotionPlus device that is an "add-on" for the Wiimote, assumed to make Wiimote movement even more accurate.

We'll learn more about the MotionPlus device at tomorrow's Media Briefing, we suspect this device will be used to enhance simulated movements of sports equipment, swords and other hand held objects.

Along with new hardware we're expecting hoping for at least one AAA title, perhaps a new F-Zero game? One game that is almost certain to show up is Animal Crossing Wii, the latest in the popular online series. We're yet to find out what EAD have been upto since Wii Fit and also teams like Retro Studios must be working on something pretty big after their critically acclaimed Metroid Series.

Nintendo's style has shifted somewhat, so we're predicting a mix of "leisure" titles, ala Wii Fit with a few "hardcore" games thrown in. Perhaps its finally time to see Day of Disaster? How about an updated version of Punch Out?

They'll no doubt be some mention of how well Virtual Console is selling and perhaps a mention for WiiWare, Nintendo's latest online service. Something users have been crying out for is a solution to the storage issues with Wii, whilst you can throw in a nice 4GB SD card, you can't load games directly from it. There have been countless rumours about Nintendo offering a Hard Drive solution as another announcement this year.

Online and storage are two areas where Nintendo fall way short of the other consoles on the market, even today Microsoft announced that it would be possible to copy a game disc to the Xbox 360 console to allow for "disc-less" play, fantastic. Why aren't Nintendo doing this?

With all our predictions now made we're actually alittle nervous as to what Nintendo has up its sleeve. We're hoping they have something good, they need the next year to be good to continue the Wii's success. Are Nintendo getting 2nd term syndrome? We'll find out tomorrow.

Nintendo's Media Briefing takes place at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles at 9am local time, that's 5pm UK (BST) time. Obviously we can't afford to stream the show to you directly, but for those interested you should tune in either at IGN or GameSpot.