Join Opa Opa in Super Fantasy Zone

The top pick might be argued about, but if you ask us, it's Super Fantasy Zone for the Mega Drive. The game plays pretty much exactly the same as the original Fantasy Zone (Also on VC), but now the fact that it makes use of the Mega Drive's hardware instead of the rather limited Master System means the sound and graphics are really quite a sight to behold. It could be called the best in the Fantasy Zone series quite easily.

There's finally a new SNES game this week as well. It's a catch-up title, but it's a good one. Pac-Attack is Namco's attempt at a block puzzler, obviously starring Pac-Man. The game is rather simple in looks, but will quickly become fiendishly difficult as you try to keep your screen clear of ghosts and blocks. The game also has a secondary puzzle mode to keep you entertained.

The Neo Geo also gets a new game in the form of King of the Monsters. This is in essence a fighting game, but it's a bit different from traditional one-on-one fighters in that the playing field isn't small and really just a horizontal strip of ground, but rather a large city which you can walk across in any direction. You play as giant monsters inspired by movies such as Godzilla and King Kong as you try to beat each other senseless while simultaneously wrecking the city.

The Commodore 64 naturally also gets two more games this week. Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine is technically a shooter, but instead of just scrolling up or to the right shooting stuff, you can freely move around yourself. The game's actually a bit of an adventure game, as you find your way through tunnels, caves and other narrow places while shooting stuff.

Summer Games II is another part of the "Games" series, which also includes California Games, World Games and Winter Games. We're not sure why they decided to skip the original Summer Games (At least for now?). but the sequel is another simple yet enjoyable game.

So, there you have it! 5 more games now available. Let's hope against all odds we don't have to wait 2 more weeks for the next 5!