Number of Players
Release Date

Neo Geo

  • 1991

Wii (Wii Shop)

  • 7th Jul 2008, 900 points
  • 27th Jun 2008, 900 points
  • 3rd Jun 2008, 900 points

Switch eShop

  • 4th Jan 2018, $6.29
  • 4th Jan 2018, $7.99
  • 4th Jan 2018, £6.29
ACA NEOGEO, King of the Monsters

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King of the Monsters Screenshot
King of the Monsters Screenshot
King of the Monsters Screenshot
King of the Monsters Screenshot


  • 29

    Switch eShop / Neo Geo

    Review King Of The Monsters

    Fun for a few rounds

    Thanks to HAMSTER’s ACA Neo Geo series there are plenty of options for Switch owners looking to engage in some virtual fisticuffs. SNK’s King Of The Monsters offers something a bit different to the other choices however, as it is essentially a wrestling game, albeit a wrestling game with giant monsters duking it out and...

  • 5

    Virtual Console / Neo Geo

    Review King of the Monsters

    Monster mash

    King of the Monsters is one of those titles that, despite being a very mediocre game overall, enjoys a fairly strong following around the gaming community. The game takes the classic "giant monster stomping through cities" made famous in the King Kong and Godzilla movies, and somehow builds a one-on-one fighting game around it. But...

About The Game

Released by SNK in 1991, King of the Monsters is an action/fighting game that features city-destroying battles between huge monsters.

Choose one of six monsters and travel around Japan, stopping to fight in various famous cities with the aim of becoming the ultimate winner. In addition to punches, kicks and other regular moves, each character has the ability to use more devastating maneuvers, like throwing flames and shooting laser beams, to defeat opponents.

Wrestling elements are also incorporated, as you must completely exhaust your opponent and get a three-count to pin him and be victorious. Along with the player-versus-computer game, multiplayer options allow you and a friend to enjoy one-on-one matches and two-on-two tag-team matches against the computer. Take on the challenge and claim the title of King of the Monsters.