No problem! Some clever little spark has managed to create a wireless sensor bar for Wii.

Remember all those people that complained that the Wii's sensor bar was too short? Now there's a easy solution, wireless sensor bar, just what all those Projector types were after!

"The Wireless Sensor Bar™ can be used with any Wireless / IR control system that uses anchored IR points, such as the Nintendo Wii Remotes ("Wiimotes").

~ Uses Wii Standard 3-8 foot ideal range
~ Setup and use in seconds with 1 button design
~ On / Off switch with Red LED indicator
~ 48+ hrs of gameplay battery life
~ Adhesive strip on bottom for easy mounting
~ Uses 9 Volt battery (extended life)
~ Designed, produced, and tested in America!
~ No more tripping over the cord!

The Wireless Sensor Bar™ is battery powered, extremely easy to use, and has no external wires- perfect for any home gaming or home theatre system."

Interesting, we don't really need one here, but if anyone does decide to get one of these please let us know about about it!