Here's the release schedule as it stands for the UK for the rest of December:

Friday 15th December

Urban Champion - NES
Solomon's Key - NES
Pinball - NES
Columns - Megadrive
Gunstar Heroes - Megadrive
Ristar - Megadrive
Dr. Robotonik's Mean Bean Machine - Megadrive
Alien Crush - PC Engine

Friday 22nd December

Donkey Kong Jr - NES
Soccer - NES
Tennis - NES
Space Harrier II - Megadrive
Toe Jam & Earl - Megadrive
Military Madness - PC Engine

Friday 29th December

Baseball - NES
Ice Hockey - NES
R-Type - PC Engine
Sim City - SNES
Super Probotector - SNES
Super Castlevania 4 - SNES

We've known about most of these in one shape or form for a while but it certainly does whet the appetite to think of Gunstar Hereos, Alien Crush, Probotector (Contra III !) and Castlevania 4 coming our way soon. It's strange we haven't heard much about upcoming N64 releases. I guess we have a lot of good things to look forward to for the new year!