Just what you DS fans were waiting for, a game adaptation of Nacho Libre.

"Nacho Libre, opening in theaters on June 16 , stars Jack Black as Ignacio (Nacho), a cook by day in a Mexican orphanage who moonlights as a Lucha Libre wrestler to raise money for the orphans in this comedy from the creators of “Napoleon Dynamite” and the writer of “The School of Rock.”

Whilst the US audience have already sampled the movie goodness, the movie is set for release in the UK until August.

"In Majesco's Nacho Libre game , players can play as Nacho or more than 10 other luchadors, all with their own unique abilities. The game also features a range of over-the-top wrestling attacks, four play modes, themed Touch Screen mini-games, 4 player wireless matches and numerous arenas from the movie in which players can battle to be the ultimate Luchador."

Publishers Majesco also said the game should be available by October this year, we'll be adding more information and screenshots as we get them.

[source majescoentertainment.com]