After Capcom's announcement that we'll be getting an exclusive Resident Evil title for Wii the minds of the gaming elite have been at work.

Capcom restrained themselves and told us nothing about the game. Would it play like Resident Evil 4? Would it be like Dead Aim? Would it be like Gun Survivor? The truth is, nobody knew.

Browsing around the 4cr website, we came across a image -- to be precise, its a scan of what looks like a Japanese magazine. It uses the phrase "Action Shooting" and indicates that Gun Survivor + Biohazard 4 + Wii = Biozhard G.S.

We're pretty sure that the article in the scan is speculative, but it's raised some valid questions. Would Capcom be mean enough to just bring another Gun Survivor title to Wii, perhaps with use of the "Light Gun" attachment? Hopefully not.

We'd expect Capcom to go the extra mile and take Resident Evil 4 to the next level. A hybrid mix of Resident Evil 4 and analog aiming sounds great to us.

We'll certainly be keeping an eye on this one, check back for updates in the coming months.