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There are loads of armour sets to get and quite a few hills and mountains to clamber up and around in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In order to make you even swifter at climbing them all, you'll likely want to nab the game's Climbing Gear as soon as possible.

So, let's take a look at where to find it.

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Find The Climbing Gear Set

Where to get the Climbing Gear Top

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To get the Climbing Gear we need to head to Hyrule North Plain where you'll find New Serenne Stable and the Sinakawak Shrine. From the front of the stables head straight across the fields ahead and you'll come to a hole in the ground as pictured and pinpointed below. Drop down the hole to enter the top of North Hyrule Plain Cave.

As soon as you drop in here you'll splash down in water and take on a Bubbulfrog. Once you've defeated your foe, head out and down to find a small waterfall that you can swim through to access a hidden area with a chest containing the Climbing Gear.

Now that you've got your new clothing, you can equip it to enjoy faster climbing speeds.

Where to get the Climber's Bandanna

While you get the top relatively early, the rest of this gear set is hidden a bit further afield.

For the bandanna, warp to Ihen-a Shrine at Mipha's Court in the Lanayru region, east of Zora's Domain. Drop down the west side of the mountain and land to the second tier of the mountain, above where you find King Dorephan as part of the Zora's Regional Phenomena quest. You'll know you're on the right section as it's grey and rocky, and there is a Wizzrobe running around near the cave.

Land and head into Polymous Mountain Cave, which is a long tunnel with dripping walls and slippery surfaces. Now is a good time to make and consume any slip-resisting food, or bring some clever Ultrabuild builds to get through the cave. If you have the Froggy Armour Set (any of it), equip it.

You need to make your way to the very end of the cavern. If you're climbing, you'll have to time your jumps carefully. And if you don't have much stamina, take some food to boost it.

Eventually, you'll reach the altar and the chest at coordinates 3713, 0494, 0310.

Where to get the Climbing Boots

The Climbing Boots are also in the Lanayru region. For these, head to Upland Zorana Skyview Tower and glide to the south, to the foot of Upland Zorana mountain. You'll find a cave near Upland Zorana Byroad.

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Head inside and on the right, break the rocks and climb up (use that Froggy armour or slip-resistance if you need to) and follow the path down until you need to cut some vines. You'll then be inside a flooded ruined area.

Head to the end of the room and use Ultrahand to life the gate up and drain the water. Then,go to the right towards the stairs and you'll find an entryway underneath the staircase with an alter and a chest containing the boots at coordinates 2849, 0543, 0188.

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