Super Mario RPG: Jinx Rematch 1
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Welcome to our post-game guide for the Super Mario RPG remake on Nintendo Switch.

if beating Jinx three times wasn't enough for you, then you're in luck, as the martial arts master wants to find out more about your brand-new Switch remake skills.

In this guide, we'll tell you where to find Jinx in the post-game, how to defeat it, and what your reward is for taking it down.

Super Mario RPG: Post-Game Guide - Jinx Rematch

Where to find Jinx in the post-game

Jinx is in exactly the same place he's always been in — the Martial Arts Dojo in Monstro Town. Just in case you've forgotten where that is, it's up the staircase near the town's exit, and it's the same place you fought Jinx previously.

Don't forget, you need to have stayed at the Marrymore Hotel suite and spoken to the Frog Sage.

Super Mario RPG: Jinx Rematch 2
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How to defeat Jinx in the post-game

Recommended party: Mario, Bowser, Peach

This post-game fight with Jinx is very different to all of the others in that you have to fulfil a certain condition rather than reduce his health to zero.

At the start of the fight, Jinx will reduce your Action Gauge to 0%, and what you need to do is bring that up to 100% and use a Triple Attack to win. That means this fight is all about surviving, then.

Super Mario RPG: Jinx Rematch 3
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Jinx returns with all his potent moves, and he does even more damage than he did the last time you fought him. Silver Bullet is a one-shot that, if you don't guard against it, will instantly knock out one of your party members. Triple Kick also does a huge amount of damage and might also one-shot a character.

FP should only be used for Peach's healing spells for this fight. Bowser and Mario should just attack with their normal attacks, while Peach can heal, revive, or attack (if you time your blocks perfectly). Peach should also have the Lazy Shell armor equipped, and you can also equip accessories that guard against mortal blows — the one you got from Bundt is also really useful here.

Building the Attack Gauge is easy enough — attack, defend, and the better your timing, the more your gauge will fill up. Once your gauge reaches 100%, unleash your Triple Attack — we went with Mario, Bowser, and Peach's, but we believe all Triple Moves should count here as long as they do damage to Jinx.

Jinx post-game reward

Once you've proven yourself to Jinx, he will give you the Teamwork Band, a brand-new accessory that helps boost your Attack Gauge.

Super Mario RPG: Jinx Rematch 5
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