Super Mario Bros. Wonder: World 1 - Sproings In The Twilight Forest 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello, and welcome to our Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough guides!

Here we'll be guiding you through every level in the game and showing you where to find All Flower Coins, All Wonder Flowers, and All Wonder Seeds. We'll also be providing All Special World Warp Points, All Captain Toad locations (you can't hide from us Captain Toad!), and All Badge Locations. Ready?


Super Mario Bros. Wonder: World 1 - Sproings In The Twilight Forest

All Flower Coin Locations

Flower Coin #1

We recommend a shell or elephant form to break down the blocks on the left of where this one is sat near the beginning of the stage.

Flower Coin #2

This one is up above you a little further along, just use the illuminated blue plant pods to guide you, and you'll need to jump straight up and wall-jump off the left side to reach it once you're here.

Flower Coin #3

During the flower sequence, duck down and go underneath the section of platforms you can see below. Eventually, you'll come to the coin down here.

Wonder Flower

Inside a spring-loaded enemy, as shown below. Simply bop your foe to release it.

Wonder Seeds

Wonder Seed #1

During the flower sequence, after you grab the third coin, you'll come to the two trees shown below. Just duck in this position and the seed will drop down!

Wonder Seed #2

Finish the level!

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