All Warp Points - Mario Wonder
Image: Nintendo Life

Hello, and welcome to our Super Mario Bros. Wonder Walkthrough guides!

Here we'll be guiding you through every level in the game and showing you where to find All Flower Coins, All Wonder Flowers, and All Wonder Seeds. We'll also be providing All Special World Warp Points, All Captain Toad locations (you can't hide from us Captain Toad!), and All Badge Locations. Ready?

In this guide, we'll cover how to find every secret exit in the game. Let's-a-go!

Super Mario Bros. Wonder: All Special World Warp Points / Secret Exits

It'll come as no surprise that Super Mario Bros. Wonder has plenty of secrets and special levels tucked away for you to find. In this case, we've got a whole Special World to dig into with a bunch of the game's toughest five-star challenges to beat.

As you make your way through the game, there are several different entry points to the Special World, one for each normal world in the game, and each entry point serves you up a different stage to beat.

Let's take a look at how to uncover each one and access all of this game's toughest stages.

World 1 - Pipe-Rock Plateau

Pipe-Rock Plateau Special World Entrance: Bulrush Express

Ride the level right through to its end and you'll spot the brick wall you can see in our pic below. Break through this to reach the alternate exit route.

Once you've finished the level via this alternate route you'll open a few more stages up, Sproings in the Forest, Cosmic Hoppos and Expert Badge Challenge Jet Run 1! Once these are complete, you'll then see the World 1 warp point for the Special World.

World 2 - Fluff-Puff Peaks

Fluff-Puff Peaks Special World Entrance: Jump! Jump! Jump!

You'll need to complete this tricky course in order to access a new cloud area in Fluff-Puff Peaks that whisks you to the second Special World entrance point. However, before you get to that entrance you'll also need to best the very short Spring Feet 1 badge challenge. Good luck!

All Warp Points - Mario Wonder
Image: Nintendo Life

World 3 -Shining Falls

Shining Falls Special World Entrance: Royal Seed Mansion

Return to Royal Seed Mansion after you've cleared World 3. This time Master Poplin will open a new trail to a warp point for the Special World.

World 4 - Sunbaked Desert

Sunbaked Desert Special World Entrance: Secrets of Shova Mansion

First up beat Shova Mansion, then take on the two stages that unlock as a result. Once you've made your way through Flight of the Bloomps and Expert Badge Challenge Invisibility 1 you'll unlock a warp point to the Special World.

World 5 - Fungi Mines

Fungi Mines Special World Entrance: Operation Poplin Rescue

Return to this specific level in order to have your Poplin pals dig out this fifth entrance point to Special World.

World 6 - Deep Magma Bog

Deep Magma Bog Special World Entrance: Collect 25 Wonder Seeds In This World

Yep, this time around the entrance isn't a hidden one! Collect 25 Wonder Seeds across the area's levels and you'll gain access to the Expert Badge Challenge: Jet Run 2. Beat this challenge and you'll unlock Expert Badge Challenge: Invisibility 2 and Expert Badge Challenge: Spring Feet 2. Complete all of these and you'll finally uncover the entrance!

World 7 - Petal Isles

Beat Wiggler Race: Spelunking

The final secret entrance to the Special World requires you to beat the Wiggler Race: Spelunking level in this area. Once done, you'll find the new travel point opened up on the Petal Isles map just beside the first stage here.

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