Whenever a new Pokémon game arrives, one of the first questions players have is about where they can find their favourite monster.

With Pokémon: Let's Go - which strips the PokéDex right back to the original 151 'mon - this usually means focusing on the 'classic' beasts, including Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.

After all, these were the 'starter' Pokémon that so many of us grew up with. As a result, you may well fire up your freshly-purchased copy of Let's Go today and wonder exactly how to get them - and that's where we come in.

Where to get Bulbasaur in Pokemon: Let’s Go


You can bag yourself a Bulbasaur in Cerulean City. To do so, head to the Pokémon Center and then enter the house immediately on the left. You must have caught at least 30 Pokémon (this total includes duplicate catches) to gain this famous monster.

Where to get Charmander in Pokemon: Let’s Go


You can get a Charmander by heading to Cerulean City and then heading north to the Nugget Bridge, which leads to Route 24. As soon as you exit the bridge you'll see a trainer stood with a Charmander; as long as you've caught 50 Pokémon (including duplicate catches) then he'll hand the monster over.

Where to get Squirtle in Pokemon: Let’s Go


Squirtle appears in Cerulean City initially and is seen causing Officer Jenny all kinds of problems. Later on, this pesky 'mon will appear in Vermillion City, where Officer Jenny will gladly offload it to you if you've caught 60 Pokémon (yes, including dupes)

All three of these monsters spawn in the wild too, but it's much easier to get them using the guide above, especially once you've bagged a few beasts and have unlocked fast travel with the 'Sky Dash' technique.

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