Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to our Luigi's Mansion 2 HD walkthrough guide series! Here we'll give you a 100% guided tour of the multiple haunted mansions on offer in Luigi's second spooky offering. With step-by-step details on how to progress through each area, alongside full guides for All Boo Locations and All Gem Locations, this is your one-stop shop for this remastered version of the game.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD: E-3 - A Train To Catch Walkthrough

Ok. Hold up. King Boo is in the house, and he's only gone and kidnapped Mario. This shizzle just got rizzle.

Let's get to the train exhibit and shut this big boy down. Make your way to the courtyard to turn the crank on the staircase around to the first door on the right up top. This takes us into East Corridor. The door into the exhibit here is a fake trap so avoid it and then fight the ghosts off before entering the study.

Boo - Booreaucrat

Grab a balloon from the right side wall in the study and use it to float upwards in the Dark Age Exhibit to enter a minigame through a gold balloon. Beat the game to face off with this well-hidden boo.

Check out the crack in the wall to spy into the exhibit. Reveal a yellow book by dark-lighting a table in the right of the room then insert it into the bookcase to have a ghost pop out and take off with it. We need that book! But first a few things.

Head next door into the Nautical Exhibit. Suck all the steam out to clear the area and take out the slammer and greenies before activating the E-Gate.

Use the steering wheel to turn the floor compass and have the yellow book switch into the other room.

Treacherous Mansion Gem #7

Whilst in the nautical exhibit, you'll notice a boat in the right corner with a secret door activated by standing on the life-ring. Use your E-Gates to bring a log to the boat and place it on the ring to enter the secret compartment and get this gem.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life

Let's go get the book now by heading back to the central stairs and using the crank to switch them over to the other side and the west corridor.

Treacherous Mansion Gem #8

You can enter the aviation exhibit here to pull the sandbags off the hot air balloon. As you pull the first off you'll instigate a scrap with a few ghouls. Clear them out to grab the second bag and reveal the gem!

There's a fountain and a door to reveal with our dark-light in this small space, as shown below. Also, a few ghouls to rumble with! The door we revealed leads to the space exhibit.

Look through the telescope to enter battle with the ghost who took our book. This involves circling a small planet exhibit, watching for flashing stars and stunning the area to daze the ghoul and then Poltergust it.

It'll disappear and bombs will shoot out the centre of the platform, then return to normal combat until it's exhausted its large health pool. We can now use the E-Gate back the corridor beside the study to have the book transported where we need it.

Activate the E-Gate hidden inside the spaceship and use it to cross the top balcony in the main entrance to the study! We can finally enter the Train Exhibit.

Before we head into the exhibit now, we can clear up the remaining gems in the level by backtracking a little.

Treacherous Mansion Gem #9

This one involves grabbing a balloon from the balloon plant on the right of the study and using the E-Gate to go to the front entrance. Now float up on the right side to find a gargoyle with the blue book that goes in the bookcase at the dark ages exhibit for a gem!

Treacherous Mansion Gem #10

This one is another found by heading for the study and grabbing a balloon and taking it to the Jungle Exhibit. Float up, grab the gold balloon to start a minigame, and earn your prize.

Treacherous Mansion Gem #11

This last one is the same again, grab a balloon from the study and this time float upwards in the Ice Age Exhibit to grab another gold balloon and enter a minigame for a gem.

Clear out two blues and a sneaky purple, then use your dark-light in the centre of the room to have the train roll in. There's also a dog bone in the controls to the right. Useful!

You can look into the centre porthole here to see Mario being held by some boos. Mission complete!