Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Luigi's Mansion 2 HD walkthrough guide series! Here we'll give you a 100% guided tour of the multiple haunted mansions on offer in Luigi's second spooky offering. With step-by-step details on how to progress through each area, alongside full guides for All Boo Locations and All Gem Locations, this is your one-stop shop for this remastered version of the game.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide: Boss Battle - Confront The Source

We have reached the final area of the first level now and it's time to confront the source of whatever powerful energy lurks within Gloomy Manor.

Let's start out at the elevator with our big shiny key and enjoy a bumpy ride down to the cellar. Once here, there are some treasure spots, including a picture on the way in and a chest under the stairs.

Move forwards into the area now and grab the ball of webbing from the large centre web. Make sure to watch for red spiders and, as you grab the webbing, a boss fight will initiate.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide

Phase 1

Move towards the boss and as you get close its eyes will light up green. This is your chance to use the strobulb to daze it and then grab the web ball and drag it to the suit of armour on the left to light it. Sending the ball back at the spider boss will ignite the web in the area and unleash a few smaller threats. It will also release the Possessor who is causing the spider to attack.

The possessor will construct a shield around itself then attack by powering up and rushing you. Step out of the way of these heavily signalled attacks to have the ghoul hit the wall and stun itself. Then get busy with your Poltergust to send the ghost back into the spider for phase 2. Watch for the rushing attack from the boss here as it extends the length of the arena by blasting through a wall.

Phase 2

Watch out for goo being spat by the boss now, as well as smaller red enemies (useful to kill if you need hearts). We first need to spin the fan in the centre of the room to have the attached ball of web set ablaze, burning down wall webs and releasing the suit of armour we need to attack the boss again.

Now stun the boss, grab the ball of web from beneath it and stand so the new suit of armour stabs the web and takes it from you. Now return and spin the fan again to light this new ball and send it into the boss.

Once you've done this and fought the possessor again, we move to phase 3. Phew!

Phase 3

Ok, the arena is even longer now and this time we need to stun the boss, grab the loose ball from the left of it and then hightail it back to the very first suit of armour to light up. Move through the arena towards the boss using the flame to kill all foes, and then move to the left near the boss to reveal another suit of armour very close to the enemy. Stun the beast one last time and then grab the final web and light it to reveal the possessor for the final time.

Once done, you'll discover a piece of Dark Moon before being whisked back to the bunker. Nice work, my long Italian pal.