Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
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Welcome to our Luigi's Mansion 2 HD walkthrough guide series! Here we'll give you a 100% guided tour of the multiple haunted mansions on offer in Luigi's second spooky offering. With step-by-step details on how to progress through each area, alongside full guides for All Boo Locations and All Gem Locations, this is your one-stop shop for this remastered version of the game.

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide: A-5 A Sticky Mess

Back to the Gloomy Manor once again, this time to clear out some spiderwebs!

As we re-enter the manor, you'll notice your map now has icons to show you where to clean, so let's start in the Guard Hall and clean carefully to avoid falling swords and bats!

From here we head to the foyer and then left to the Common Hall. There's a large ball of webbing here but leave it for now and head to the lab to clean up and deal with a few greenies.

With the lab now pristine, let's go back into the hall and suck up that big ball of webbing. Once you've got it bring it to the naked flame of the candle and light it up. You may now proceed to burn all webbing and spiders in the vicinity, opening up a door in the process.

Let's quickly deal with the cobwebs and slammers in the kitchen area before moving into the library where there are a few small webs to clear up. There's also some treasure to be found in the Patio area as you pass back through in the form of a gold ghoul.

With floor one clear we can now head upstairs via the foyer. The Master Hall is full of spiders and webbing. To clear it, suck up the small web on the left of the picture to have the frame fall and knock the candle here. Now pull the web ball hanging from the ceiling to light it off the candle and send it into the ceiling ablaze.

Gloomy Manor Gem #11

The web ball will now release and you can light it again to walk forward and deal with the rest of the webs. There's a route upwards here, but now let's quickly go to the bedroom to continue cleaning this floor. There's a gold bone in the drawer! Now light the stove, suck the web ball over to light it, and let go to have it burn the webs away and let you access the gem in this room.

Gloomy Manor Gem #12

Now head into the Study while you are here - pull down the bed to access it again - as your dark-light device can now materialise the gem in the frame for you. Hooray! We can now head into the lobby area to fight two blues and then use our dark-light device to reveal yet another hidden door, this time to the Balcony.

Light the BBQ by flashing it with the strobulb then pull the web ball over to light it and unblock the route forward. Now move right and grab the web to light it and head round the corner to finish the clean-up job and head in the door to the dining room and then to the upper library area.

Here you'll need to expose the flame in the picture with your dark-light device and then use the resultant flaming ball to rid the area of any remaining spider mess. Now that the second floor is clear of cobwebs let's go to the Master Hall and pull the cord we revealed a while back to enter the rafters area.

Gloomy Manor Gem #13

The rafters have a safe to the far left and then you can move along the thin walkway between the two statues to reach another flame picture. Light the ball here, clear the webs, and keep moving across the rafters to find a nook with another web ball, a flame picture (just hoover off the coin drawing to reveal), and a sneaky gem above the dresser to the far right.

Once you finish off the cleaning here you'll be brought back to base for a breather. Sterling effort, Luigi.

Boo - Ooga Booga

Let's hit up the library with our dark-light to reveal this next boo right in front of a pile of books!

Luigi's Mansion 2 HD Walkthrough Guide
Image: Nintendo Life