Update: The game is now out on the North American and European Switch eShops for $2.99 / £2.69, and we’ve reviewed it. Feel free to pick up some eShop credit below if you'd like to download it, and read our review to learn more about the game.

Original Article: One of 2023's surprise hits, Suika Game – also known as 'Watermelon Game' – has taken the world by storm over the past few weeks. Gaining immense popularity thanks to streamers and content creators playing the game and showcasing its fun but challenging gameplay, the title has now been downloaded over a million times despite only receiving a Japanese launch.

Thankfully, you don't need a Japanese Nintendo Switch to play the game, so if you're wondering how to download and play Suika Game yourself, you're in the right place. Just follow the four steps below and enjoy!

[Update: Suika Game is now available in the west meaning you no longer need to download the Japanese version. The advice below still applies to any other Japanese exclusives, however, so we'll leave this article untouched in case it's useful to you.]

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How To Get Japanese eShop Credit To Buy Games

To buy games on the Japanese eShop, you'll need Japanese eShop credit. So your first step is to grab a Japanese eShop voucher.

If you're specifically wanting to buy Suika Game, which only costs 240 yen (roughly £1.30/$1.60), you'll only need one of the smallest vouchers available. The 500 yen voucher from Amazon Japan below will cover you, but you'll need to navigate Amazon's Japanese website – if you're not comfortable buying through a store in a different language, Play-Asia's 1500 yen voucher is also a great choice (and the website is aimed at English speakers!):

Once you've bought your voucher you'll be sent a code via email. You can redeem this code by going on to the eShop on your Switch, selecting your Japanese account, and choosing 'Redeem Code' on the left-hand side. Then enter the code you've received and your eShop balance will be updated.

Of course, Suika Game isn't the only game available on Nintendo's Japanese eShop, so you'll be able to use the remaining credit to buy other fantastic Japanese titles too. If you'd like to top up your Japanese account with more credit than the 1500 yen option we've provided above, head here for a full rundown of the best Japanese eShop vouchers:

How To Create A Japanese Nintendo Account

Once you have some Japanese eShop credit ready to go (see the step above if you missed it!), you'll need to set up a Japanese Nintendo account:

  • Go to accounts.nintendo.com and sign up for a new account (read the next bullet points before continuing!)
  • Enter your details such as your date of birth, nickname, email address and password on the following screen, but make sure you use a different email address from your 'main' Nintendo account!
  • Under country of residence, select Japan
  • After that, you'll receive an email from Nintendo (to your chosen email address). Follow the instructions to finish making your account. All done!

How To Set Up Your Japanese Account On Your Switch Console

Created your Japanese account? Great! Follow these steps next:

  • On your Nintendo Switch, click the gear icon at the bottom of the home screen to go to Settings. Then select 'Users', then click 'Add User'.
  • Go through the new user setup process until you reach the option to link a Nintendo Account. Choose to Sign In and Link, enter your new Japanese account details, and you're all set up with a Japanese account on your console.

If you're struggling with any of the above steps, head here for a full breakdown of each step with images and screenshots to help you. Otherwise, keep reading!

How To Buy Suika Game On Nintendo Switch

Suika Game Watermelon Game
Image: Nintendo

Once you're topped up with Japanese eShop credit and have your account set up, you can now go ahead and purchase Suika Game.

  • From the Switch Home Menu, go to the eShop and log in with your Japanese account (see steps above if you haven't created a Japanese account yet)
  • Search for 'Suika'
  • Click on Suika Game and follow the steps to purchase, using your new Japanese credit to cover the cost of the game
  • You'll now be able to download and play Suika Game on your Switch!

Suika Game - FAQ

Can I Play Suika Game For Free?

There is actually a free version of Suika Game that can be played on desktop via your browser, but it isn't the full version of the game and actually plays a little differently. If you want to play the Suika Game you've seen others playing online, you'll need to buy the proper version on Switch – but don't worry, it's only 240 yen (roughly £1.30/$1.60) and you can follow the steps above to download it.