Hollow Knight draws a lot of inspiration from Metroidvanias, which traditionally drip-feed you new Abilities to help you better traverse the world and uncover secret areas in previously visited locations.

This is no different, with seven unique Abilities you can unlock and use over the course of your adventure. In this guide, we're going to detail the locations of every single one of them so you can unlock the game's biggest secrets.

These Abilities also go towards your 100% completion, so if you're a completionist it's a task well worth undertaking.

Hollow Knight - Abilities Locations

Image Ability Description Use How To Unlock
Mothwing Cloak Cloak threaded with mothwing strands Allows the wearer to dash forwards along the ground or through the air Defeat the Hornet in Greenpath
Mantis Claw Claw carved from bone Allows the wearer to cling to walls and leap off of them Found at the middle-left section of Mantis Village. You'll need the Mothwing Cloak to access it.
Crystal Heart The energy core of an old mining golem, fashioned around a potent crystal The crystal's energy can be channelled to launch the bearer forward at dangerous speeds Reach the end of the difficult platforming section on the middle-right side of Crystal Peak
Monarch Wings Wings of ethereal matter that shimmer in the darkness Allow one to jump again in mid-air Beat the Broken Vessel in Ancient Basin
Isma's Tear Fruit formed from a single hardened tear Once ingested it provides protection from the searing, acidic pools found in certain parts of Hallownest Located in the Royal Waterways, but requires the Crystal Heart to access
Shade Cloak Cloak formed from the substance of the Abyss Allows the wearer to dash through enemies and their attacks without taking damage Found in the Abyss, in the rightmost section after the shadow sea. You have to stand in the shadow fountain and wait until you get the ability
Dreamgate Allows the wielder to travel instantly through dream Some areas may lack a strong connection to any dream, disallowing use of the Dreamgate Talk to the Seer in the Resting Grounds after earning 900 Essence to get the Dreamgate

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