Vessel Fragments in Hollow Knight are parts of Soul Vessels, which increase your maximum SOUL by 33% upon collection.

Three Vessel Fragments make up a Soul Vessel, and there are nine Vessel Fragments in total to collect. Collect them all and you double your maximum SOUL.

Think of SOUL as your magic meter. You gather it by attacking enemies, and use it to cast Spells or use Focus, your primary heal.

In this guide we're going to detail the locations of every single Vessel Fragment in Hollow Knight so you can cast more Spells. Collecting Vessel Fragments also counts towards 100% completion, so it's a task well worth undertaking for completionists too.

Hollow Knight - Vessel Fragments Locations

Vessel Fragment Location Requirement To Unlock
Buy from Sly in Dirtmouth 550 Geos
Buy from Sly in Dirtmouth 900 Geos
Near the Queen's Gardens entrance in Greenpath -
Left of the elevator in Forgotten Crossroads Unlock the elevator in City of Tears
Above King's Station by the elevator -
Above the working tram in Deepnest -
At the end of Stag Nest Unlock all Stag Stations
Seer in Resting Grounds 700 Essence
In the fountain at Ancient Basin Give 3,000 Geos to the fountain