How to get Rich Soil
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You read that right! It's a guide on how to get rich............... soil! The new Disney Dreamlight Valley update has added quests that require this new resource as part of Scar's questline, and some players are baffled by the request to find something they've never seen before.

So, here's how to get it!

Rich Soil - Where to find it

Rich Soil is a new type of soil that can be found after harvesting crops. Unlike regular soil, it can't just be dug up anywhere, it has to be from the soil where crops have grown.

So, just harvest your crops as normal, and you'll have a rare chance to find Rich Soil — from our field of about 200 crops, we managed to get about 6 Rich Soil, so be aware that it may take a while!

You cannot get Rich Soil from Wall-E's garden or harvestable trees and bushes.

Some players have reported finding Rich Soil while foraging and digging, but since these are more time-consuming than farming, we have yet to corroborate these reports.

Rich Soil - How to farm it

How to get Rich Soil
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Okay, so you don't want to take the patience route? That's fine! There's a method for getting Rich Soil fast, especially for those who don't have enough space or money to have a gigantic crop field.

Step One: Buy a bunch of Wheat Seeds from Goofy's Stall in the Peaceful Meadow (1 Star Coin each)
Step Two: Plant and grow the Wheat Seeds in the Peaceful Meadow — they will grow faster in this biome only
Step Three: Harvest the Wheat one minute later, and grab any Rich Soil you find.
Step Four: Repeat until you have the ten Rich Soil required.

You can also bring a companion with the Gardening specialty to increase the chances of finding Rich Soil.

Luckily, you'll only need ten Rich Soil for Scar's quest, so this shouldn't take as long as Minnie's horrifying 200 Clay request!

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