Switch Games We Missed
Image: Nintendo Life

It's been over six months since our last round, so it's time for another batch of NL 'reader recommendations' with Part 6 of our Games We Missed series.

We asked you recently to send us your nominations for Switch games we weren't able to review for one reason or another that you think deserve highlighting in this article. With the sheer quantity of games hitting the Switch eShop on a weekly basis, it's impossible for us to keep up — believe us, nobody knows how many we're missing more than we do!

Thanks to all you lovely Nintendo Life readers who wrote in. Below you'll find 22 Switch titles which flew under our radar but tickled your fancy. Each entry features a brief user comment (lightly edited in some cases), plus a trailer to give you some highlights from the game.

And at the end, you'll find a poll to get an idea of what other NL readers think about the games below.

Let's dive right in, shall we?

Floppy Knights (Switch eShop)

Kicking things off, Max wrote in to recommend Floppy Knights:

Nice SRPG with a deck-building mechanic. Provides a decent challenge in the later stages, too. Visuals are great, and there’s nice variety in play styles between decks.

Dadish (Switch eShop)

KoiTenchi is a fan of Dadish:

Dadish is the definition of a short but sweet platformer. Your abilities only go as far as walking, jumping and double jumping but the little quips from Dadish’s children at the end of each level bring so much extra humor and life to the otherwise basic game. You’ll find you’re constantly telling yourself “one more level” far longer than you’d expect.
As they’re constantly cheap and on sale, you’ll find yourself likely looking to follow up with Dadish 2 and 3 soon afterwards

Piczle Lines 2: Into the Puzzleverse (Switch eShop)

Stalwart NL moderator Eel is a fan of the Piczle series of puzzlers:

The Piczle series in general is very overlooked, I'd recommend checking out ALL of them! However, to remain focused, the latest entry 'Into the Puzzleverse' features a great selection of even larger puzzles and a story mode where solving the puzzles uncovers elements in several 3D dioramas you can look at, plus even more puzzles outside of the story, with dlc puzzle packs, and even free puzzles that get added on special dates.
There's also a great amount of accessibility options for color blind players, and a lot of settings to customize your puzzle experience.

Vengeful Heart (Switch eShop)

Jeff2sayshi has this to say about VN Vengeful Heart:

It's a cyberpunk visual novel. It's basically kinetic, with only one choice. But the story is absolutely amazing. It's not a romance, but a political sci-fi story with action centred around a group of four characters where water is privatized. It's a good length too, at about 10 hours of reading.

Unavowed (Switch eShop)

Max also recommended point-and-click adventure game Unavowed:

One of the first point-and-clicks I ever played, and really got me into the genre. It has an interesting and engaging story, the puzzles are logical and not too obtuse, and it doesn’t overstay its welcome (clocking in at around 10 hours). Well worth the price.

The Smile Alchemist (Switch eShop)

Nanami_Ataraxia wrote to recommend this, ahem, Atelier-native.

Eh?! That's some wordplay for you!... Hello?

The Smile Alchemist is a gem, I've never seen anyone talk about it. Imagine a game based on just the crafting part of the Atelier series and you are pretty much there, It has managed to capture the addictive loop perfectly. You gather resources with a simple minigame and have multiple adventurers that are each capable of retrieving different resources. It's constantly rewarding you for playing with tons of achievements and stats to level up.
Although the translation can be iffy at times, the characters are well-developed and have tons of depth and the story is heartfelt.

Blue Rider (Switch eShop)

Galadrius the Mighty enjoyed Blue Rider:

It's this 3D shooter-style game where you go through each stage, blasting enemies and collecting upgrades while taking on occasional bosses. It's got a fun old-school style to it and handles very well. Good fun!

Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist (Switch eShop)

Galadrius the Mighty is also a fan of Xiaomei and the Flame Dragon's Fist:

Nice little knock-off of Kung Fu with retro visuals, challenging gameplay and some really fun music. Enjoying the heck out of it!

Terror of Hemasaurus (Switch eShop)

Sticking with beat 'em ups, CharlieGirl was knocked out by Terror of Hemasaurus:

For fans of beat-em-up action with a side of wanton destruction, Terror of Hemasaurus deserves your attention. You take control of one of four adorably drawn kaiju, and roam city to city destroying buildings, fighting back military vehicles, and munching on the puny humans below. Hemasaurus isn't shy about embracing its arcade influences, but the dev team at Games By LorenLemcke (creators of Super Blood Hockey and Over 9000 Zombies) make the gameplay feel smoother, speedier, and even more over-the-top than its inspirations.
With a thoughtful story mode, a frantic arcade mode, local four-player co-op, and a budget-friendly price tag, Terror of Hemasaurus is a total joy.

Cleo - a pirate's tale (Switch eShop)

Another recommendation from Jeff2sayshi, who's a fan of Cleo - A Pirate's Tale:

I picked this one up on a whim, as I liked the design. It's a point-and-click, with great voice acting, an engaging (and funny story) and puzzles that perfectly skirt the line of challenging without being obscure. Only complaint was the length at about three hours, but it was a really fun three hours.

Siralim Ultimate (Switch eShop)

Sami's a Siralim Ultimate enthusiast:

It's a fantastic monster tamer with fusion mechanics and a whole lot of depth. There's just so much to do in this game, and it has some truly funny moments. I liked it enough to buy it twice — Steam then Switch — which isn't something I often do at all. If you try it out I hope you enjoy it.