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Towers of Twin Dragons


After arriving back at the Towers of Twin Dragons, head right two screens to get to the lift we powered up earlier. Take this lift to the bottom floor. Walk outside and use Invert.


You should land on a pillar. Drop down and get as close to the yellow spikes as you can without touching them. Then, Invert again to get the green chest. Inside is the Aegis Plate which allows you to walk on the yellow spikes.

Now that you’ve got the Aegis Plate, it’s time to go to the very front of the castle, right at the start of the Entrance. The quickest way to get there is by teleporting back to Arvantville and running toward the castle from there.

Castle Entrance


Once you’ve entered the Entrance, immediately Invert with the Aegis Plate equipped. Follow the winding path down. When you reach the Iron Maidens, use the Craftwork Shard to move them. After that, go through the exit on the left side. This will lead to a brand new area.

Oriental Sorcery Lab


Your map should look like this upon entering the Oriental Sorcery Lab.


In here, drop down to a new screen. In this new screen, proceed right — dodge or attack any demons in your way. Because we have a boss fight coming up, we recommend dodging to avoid losing any health.

In the next room, there will be some red pillars that act as teleporters. Use these to climb upwards into the upper reaches of the Oriental Sorcery Lab. When you’ve reached where you need to go, you should be here on the map (see below):


Up and to the left is a stained glass portal room. Exit this room and hop up. Run to the exit in the upper left (right above the portal room). In here, climb up and exit through the right. Go right into a new room. Climb up and go through an exit in the upper left corner. Run left until you reach a new room. Climb up and inspect a bookcase for some backstory. Exit through the right to find a Save Room.


Exit the Save Room and go through the door on the left for one of the final bosses in the game.

Your map should look like this when you complete the Oriental Sorcery Lab.


Boss Fight: Zangetsu


This boss fight is identical to the first Zangetsu boss fight. He uses the same moves and everything — the only difference is that whereas in the previous boss fight, he had one additional phase that saw him imbue his sword with flames, in this fight, he’ll not only do that, but imbue it with lightning followed by ice as well.


Essentially, this boss has four phases: standard, fire, lightning and ice. Use the same tactics as the first time you fought him and in about three minutes, he’ll go down.

Upon defeating him, you’ll receive Zangetsuto. You need this to get the true ending.

With that in hand, let’s finally go to the Hall of Termination.


Hall of Termination

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Once in the Hall of Termination, head up the stairs and then up the stairs above those. Attack the wall to get an MP Max Up. From here, jump onto the chandeliers and use those to traverse across. Go through the exit in the bottom left corner. Continue forward into the next room and traverse across the floor. Continue up to the upper left corner. In this next room, go through the middle left exit to find a stained glass portal room.

In the exit beneath this stained glass portal room, there is a bookcase you can inspect for some backstory. Head left to find a Save Room.

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Exit this Save Room and go through the middle exit on the right. In here, climb the stairs and proceed through the door on the right. In this room is a boss door.


Boss Fight: Gabel


For a seemingly final boss fight in a game, Gabel is laughably easy. He mostly uses lightning, ice and fire attacks but because he telegraphs these moves so much, and because of how slow they’re casted, you can simply jump to a safe spot behind him long before the magical projectile is released.


Basically, just keep Welcome Company going and slash at him constantly with Zangetsuto. Now, during this fight, it’s important that you keep watch on the moon in the background. When it turns red (see picture below), jump up and slash at it with Zangetsuto to initiate your save file to head toward the true ending.


When you slash at the moon, Gremory will be revealed and Alfred will appear. After he does what he does, you’ll have some parting words with Gabel and a brief conversation with Johannes where he explains what you must do next.

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