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After defeating Gabel, head to the Hall of Termination stained glass portal and teleport to the Garden of Silence.


Exit the Garden of Silence portal room and head up and to the left to find the Coachman. Have him take you across the gap. Once over the gap, climb up and go through the ceiling exit. Head through the left exit and you should be in an open hallway with a giant red moon in the background.


With Zangetsuto equipped, jump up and slash at the red moon to reveal Gremory once more. This will open up a portal to the Den of Behemoths, which is the next place we’re headed.

Den of Behemoths


Once here, head left through an exit. In this next hallway, you’ll spot a crippled Alfred. He and Miriam will have a brief conversation before Johannes and Zangetsu will show up for a longer conversation. After that’s done, head left and drop through the floor. After you drop, feel free to explore this rather large area but be wary as larger versions of monsters you fought throughout the game fill this room and they can do some serious damage.

For now, we’re going to ignore the chests because they’re all either brown or blue and contain things we don’t need at this stage in the game such as ingredients.

Continue right until you’re in an outside swampy area. Head right until you see a black and red dragon. Kill it and then Invert. Once on the ceiling, move a few steps to the left so that there is a floor under you and Invert again. Continue right into a new room. In here, go out of the exit on the right. In this next room, traverse your way down until you spot an exit on the left.

Go through that exit and drop down to land on a large staircase. Walk up this staircase to the right and go through the exit to find a Save Room.


Two screens to the left is a giant room where a boss awaits, but before we fight him, continue left to loot a red chest with 2000 gold in it. From here, hop up onto the ledge on the left for a Valkyrie Tiara. After that, return to the entrance of this room, but don’t leave. Instead Invert.

You should be on the ceiling. Proceed right and a boss fight will begin.

Boss Fight: Valefar

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Valerfar is really no trouble at all as long as you have the Aegis Plate. At the top of the ceiling of this boss’ arena are yellow spikes that you normally wouldn’t be able to step on without taking damage. With Aegis Plate, though, those spikes are where you’ll be standing during the fight.

When you enter the arena, you should already be inverted. Assuming you have the Aegis Plate equipped, you’re ready to go.

Valefar will use three main moves and a one-time fourth move. First off, Valefar will scrounge up some poker chips and smash them together. Just invert whichever direction he isn’t in to dodge this move. The second move to worry about is a coin flick. He’ll flick a gold coin and you need to dodge it by jumping over it. The third move is a two-handed fist smash. Basically, he’ll hold his fists together over a spot and smash down. Just don’t be under his fists.

The one-time move is a move that sees him use the gold you have to heal himself. As you progress through the fight, you’ll notice that his chest (which is filled with gold coins) will begin to deplete. The first time it depletes, he’ll steal your gold and heal himself with it. The less gold you have, the less HP he recovers.

After this, it’s business as usual. Deplete his gold coins once more and he’ll go down for good. Upon defeating him, you’ll get the Gold Bullet Shard.

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Den of Behemoths

After killing Valefar, proceed left into the next room. Continue left, defeating the large Sabnock and the Dragon. When you can drop down, do so. In here, drop down and go through the bottom right exit. Proceed right and go through the right exit to enter the next area.

Glacial Tomb


In the Glacial Tomb, proceed right through an exit and then continue right into another exit. In here, head for the bottom right exit. In this next room, drop all the way down to the floor. You should spot a bookcase you can inspect to learn the Crescent Stroke technique. Proceed right through an exit to find the Glacial Tomb stained glass portal room.

Leave the portal room and hop up to the left corner where an exit awaits. Head left two screens and you’ll find yourself in a long hallway with Cannon Mortes and Axe Outriders. Take them out and continue through the left exit. In this room, drop down and go through the doorway on the right. Immediately drop down and drop through the floor.


In this new room, head right and go through the exit. Hop across the gap and go through the next exit on the right to find a Save Room.

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Exit the save room and drop down. If you drop to the floor below, there’s a blue chest waiting for you. When you’re ready, head back up and go to the exit on the left. You should notice that it’s a boss door.

This is what your map should look like at this point in the Glacial Tomb.

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