20. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (Switch)

This hack-and-slash take on the Zelda universe was originally released on the Wii U before receiving a 'Legends' 3DS port and finally making it to Switch in 2018 as Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. As with many a Musou, it's a great time-sink if you fancy giving the grey matter a rest and whooping the behinds of hundreds of moblins at a time.

There are dozens — if not hundreds — of hours of content here, and it's crammed with affectionate nods to the wider series, with characters from throughout the franchise and the first (and hopefully not last) appearance of Linkle, a girl who believes she is the reincarnation of the series' hero. Though it certainly feels bloated in places, it manages to balance the Zelda and Warriors elements well. Group all of that with stellar presentation and impressive portable gameplay, Omega Force and Team Ninja did an excellent job of doing something new (and weird) with a classic Nintendo property.

19. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (Switch)

A beautiful little game, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is a winner whether you're after puzzling or jump button-less platforming. With beautiful visuals and an upbeat soundtrack, it's a real gem; a wonderful and gorgeous 3D platform puzzler fit for all ages, and one which you should definitely experience if you're yet to. The two-player co-op Nintendo added makes this offering even tastier with Toadette joining the Captain, and there's even a nice little nugget of DLC for once you've polished off the main game.

18. Minecraft (Switch)

This is yet another excellent port of Minecraft, nothing more and nothing less, although the versatile setup of the Switch allows this to be the most easily accessible and playable iteration to date. That convenience factor is the only real notable difference, so it’s up to you whether that justifies paying for another version. If you want to play the best portable version of the game, however, look no further.

17. Dark Souls: Remastered (Switch)

Dark Souls: Remastered is a faithful remaster of a touchstone in video game design that improves overall performance of the original release while preserving all of the character traits that made it such a memorable experience. While it’s no less forgiving — and its menus are a little fiddly — this slick Nintendo Switch iteration offers an excellent way to experience Lordran’s ultra-challenging odyssey in true handheld form.

Plus, there's a Solaire of Astora amiibo. Praise the Sun, indeed.

16. Into The Breach (Switch eShop)

Into The Breach is a brutal, uncompromising game of making hard decisions and living with your mistakes, but the short length of battles and endless variety of playthroughs makes for an extremely addictive experience. Though the graphics are nothing special, the gameplay is some of the very best you’ll find in the strategy genre on Switch, and we can easily recommend this to anybody who’s looking for an in-depth game that’ll make you think. Into The Breach feels right at home on the Switch, and whether you play more at home or on the go, you’re more than likely to get plenty of value out of this release.

15. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (Switch)

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate may lack the accessibility that made Monster Hunter: World such a smash hit, but it more than makes up for it by being a sort of ‘greatest hits’ collection of the high points of the series, giving you hundreds of hours of content to play through. Couple this with the HD visuals, easy-to-use multiplayer, and the ability to play the full experience on the go, and you’ve got a game that will appeal to both veterans and newcomers alike. It may not necessarily represent the future of the series, but this is a fantastic experience in its own right and a worthy follow-up to the 3DS original, and one that no Switch owner will want to be without, even if series newcomers might want to start with Rise first.

14. Okami HD (Switch eShop)

Okami HD is an utterly fantastic piece of software, and we feel you’d be doing yourself a disservice to pass on it. It's a 40-hour adventure that emulates Zelda wonderfully, adds in plenty of memorable mechanics, features one of the most beautiful art styles in gaming, and is completely playable on the go, to boot. It may be showing its age a bit visually and its combat is sometimes a little on the easy side, but Okami is an important, fun, and notable landmark in gaming history — and one of the easiest recommendations we can make for your Switch library.

13. Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (Switch)

With fun, fast-paced combat, likable characters, and an enjoyable story that takes full advantage of its beautiful shipwrecked setting, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is a top-shelf action RPG. Exploring the Isle of Seiren is as rewarding as mastering the character-swapping, hack-and-slash battle system, and both fit into an addictive feedback loop of adventuring that keeps everything moving at a quick clip. Editing issues and inconsistent image quality in handheld mode are small blemishes on an otherwise polished production, but don’t let them deter you; Ys VIII is a true gem.

12. Diablo III: Eternal Collection (Switch)

Diablo III: Eternal Collection is a lovely port of a classic RPG loot-a-thon that keeps its feet firmly in the past. The execution is wonderful, but its gameplay is not something that will appeal to everyone due to the high level of repetition. Its visuals are clear and functional if not especially interesting, but performance is top notch to make up for it. It's one of those games which is best played with friends, too, and while you can play online, couch co-op offers a rich experience as you battle demons and collect loot together - three local players can drop-in and join you on your quest. If you’re looking for a loot-driven grind-a-thon with more explosions of viscera than you can comfortably discuss with your mother, this is the game for you.

11. Mega Man Legacy Collection (Switch eShop)

Digital Eclipse did a great job with all the details in Mega Man Legacy Collection, presenting the original games in their best possible light, while tossing in a handful of extra features and challenges on top to sweeten the deal. The rewind feature is a welcome inclusion that helps to mitigate the difficulty of some of the games, and the overall quality of the series is difficult to dispute. We would highly recommend you pick this one up — all the included extra features coupled with the ability to play these games both at home and on the go make it a no-brainer.