With the arrival of Miitopia on Switch, the ability to make and share your own Miis has been greatly expanded over the 3DS original. We've seen some stunning custom Mii's shared online since the demo hit the Switch eShop, with some of gaming's greatest characters now available thanks to an incredibly creative community of Mii makers.

Whether you're a sucker for classic Nintendo characters, gaming icons from PlayStation and Xbox consoles, or you just fancy reliving the good old days of the Wii and adding a famous celebrity to your Mii mix, we've rounded up the most impressive custom Miis we've seen on the internet so far. Simply download them to the game using the Access Keys below, and you'll be able to add them to your RPG adventure!

We'll update this list regularly with new Mii creations. So, sit back and check out this sampling of incredible Mii creations to populate your game with, courtesy of immensely talented internet strangers. Enjoy!

Note: if the access key isn't immediately visible on the page below, click on the tweet and find it in the thread — we've only included examples that have Access Keys and are available to download from other users, but occasionally that code is buried too far down a thread to show up here!

The best Miitopia custom Miis we've seen

The Legend of Zelda

Gaming (Pokémon, Super Mario, Animal Crossing, Sonic, and so much more!)

(Pop) Culture


King King Dedede
Image: Nintendo Life

How do I download custom Miis in Miitopia on Switch?

It's easy to import custom Miis into your copy of Miitopia though inputting a short code known as an Access Key.

How to input Access Keys

At the beginning of the game when you're picking your cast of Mii characters for your team, you can choose from your own selection of Miis, create a new Mii from scratch, or choose 'Receive' (the option with a little blue WiFi icon). This will take you to an option page where you can choose to receive a Mii directly from a Friend, or by inputting another player's 'Access Key'. This enables you to see that player's roster of created Miis and download them individually to your own game.

Where to find your Access Key

Simply go to the Mii section on the main menu to see your access key displayed. Easy!

Image: Nintendo Life

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Let us know below which of these Miis you'll be adding to your Miitopia collection, and feel free to share any Access Keys you find with cool characters — we might add them to the list above.