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  • News Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain Momentum

    Disney Interactive revenue falls by $58 million

    Prior to more recent releases such as Nintendo’s amiibo line, and even the upcoming heavy hitter, LEGO Dimensions, the toys-to-life category has been dominated by Activision’s Skylanders and the Disney Infinity play sets. With market saturation in the toys-to-life category now at an all-time high,...


  • News Vote For The Next Character To Appear In Disney Infinity

    Twenty fan-favourites to select from

    Before LEGO Dimensions and amiibo came along, the toys-to-life category was predominantly occupied by Skylanders and Disney Infinity. With both of these series evolving at a rapid rate over the past number of years; it appears Disney has raised the stakes once again, with news fans will be able to vote for a...



  • Rumour Warner Bros. is Working on Building a LEGO Toys-To-Life Game

    Get those wallets ready

    The toys-to-life idea introduced in Activision’s Skylanders series is a deviously profitable one. The whole business model is built on the idea of selling video games alongside a range of toys that unlock specific content when scanned into the games after using a certain peripheral. So, in essence one must pay a significant...



  • Video Marvel Characters Making Their Way to Disney Infinity

    Interestingly referred to as "version 2.0"

    After Disney's acquisition of Marvel in 2009, it seemed fitting that speculation would crop up regarding the usage of the comic book giant's characters in the NFC-driven Disney Infinity. After all, that game's universe-merging crossover potential would only be better served by the appearances of...








  • Feature The Biggest Wii U Games of 2013 - Summer Edition

    Now this list is getting juicy

    With summertime almost officially upon us, and with E3 looming on the horizon, we've decided to take stock and provide our updated list of the biggest Wii U games of 2013. There are some changes since our Spring Edition, most notably the removal of two Wii U eShop titles. With the Wii U retail lineup getting more...


  • News Disney Interactive Suffers Financial Loss in Q1

    The only Disney division to not turn a profit

    The House that Mickey Built made a strong financial showing in the first quarter of 2013, but the Games that Mickey Makes can’t share in the good news. While Disney as a whole reported a 32 percent increase in its net income to $1.5 billion, Disney Interactive saw a loss of $54 million for the same...


  • News Disney Infinity Pushed Back To August

    "It gives us a little more time to add bells and whistles"

    Disney Interactive has revealed that its Disney Infinity video game and toy range will be launching in August instead of June, as was originally planned. August 18th is the proposed launch date in North America, with other regions getting the game two days later. Speaking to The New York...

  • News These Disney Infinity Accessories Will Drain Your Wallet

    The need for a second job, is now

    Accessory manufacturer PDP unveiled a line-up of peripherals that will be available alongside the launch of Disney Interactive Studio's upcoming summer hit title, Disney Infinity, for the Wii U. The specialist company is planning to release cases and stands which can store your character figures, as well as...


  • News Cars Confirmed As Another Disney Infinity Play Set

    Parents, hide your wallets!

    Ahead of the summer release of Disney Infinity on Wii U, 3DS and Wii, we can expect Disney to continually reveal more details about the optional extras that we'll be able to buy. Like Activision's Skylanders series, there'll be all manner of toys that unlock characters, as well as other add-ons that'll act as buffs for...

  • News John Lasseter Speaks of His Appreciation For Video Games

    Pixar's chief creative officer is excited by Disney Infinity

    Disney Infinity is due to be released this summer on Wii U, Wii and 3DS as well as other platforms, and it looks to be Disney Interactive's most ambitious project yet. It allows the player to scan real-life toys into the virtual world from all sorts of Disney universes like The Nightmare...

  • News Toys R Us CEO Hints at Exclusive Disney Infinity Figures

    "Plenty of room" for both Skylanders and Disney Infinity, too

    Jerry Storch, CEO and Chairman of Toys R’ Us has spoken to Family Gamer TV about his stores’ anticipation of Disney Infinity to further substantiate the toys-to-life genre. Talking at the Skylanders Swap Force launch event, Storch confirmed that he thought there was “plenty of room...


  • News Disney Infinity Will Have A New Game Released Every Year

    Games will be forwards and backwards-compatible

    Disney Interactive will be launching its ambitious Disney Infinity title this summer on pretty much every platform you can imagine, including Wii U, Wii and 3DS. The game allows the player to scan real-world toys into the environment and will feature characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean, The...

  • Talking Point The Blurred Lines of "Collectables" and On-Disc DLC

    Are Skylanders and Disney Infinity pulling a Capcom, with toys?

    Yesterday, before a maelstrom of date reveals and other news, the pricing emerged for Disney Infinity, which put parents and their bank managers on alert. It also instantly raised comparisons with the Skylanders series, now two games old, which despite differences in approach to the...

  • News Disney Infinity Pricing Emerges

    Warn the bank manager

    We can imagine a tired old Executive at Activision in late 2011, working through yet more paperwork and then coming across sales figures for the experimental Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure, a game where the publisher was boldly asking parents and enthusiasts to buy the game and a load of toys. Their eyes would have widened,...

  • News Disney Infinity Developer Would Like to Include Star Wars And Marvel

    No decision made as yet

    Yesterday Disney Interactive revealed that Disney Infinity — possibly its most ambitious project yet — would be coming to Wii U, Wii and 3DS this summer, as well as mobile devices and other platforms. The game allows the player to bring real-world toys to life by scanning them into the game in the same way that...

  • News Activision On Disney Infinity: We're Flattered

    But still "well positioned" to remain on top

    Last night, Disney announced its own take on the Skylanders "toys to life" concept: Disney Infinity. It hasn't taken long for Skylanders publisher Activision to react to the news, with John Coyne, Vice President of Consumer Marketing, telling Forbes: We are thrilled by the incredible success that the...

  • News Disney Infinity Heading to Wii U, Wii and 3DS This Summer

    Golly, that's a lot of platforms

    Late last year details emerged of Disney Infinity, a title that incorporates real-life figurines and a portal concept made popular by the Skylanders series, while adding a great deal of customisation and a sandbox environment to encourage freedom and experimentation. Disney Interactive has now unveiled a host of new...