Wii Sports Club: Bowling

Wii Sports Club: Bowling


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    The Wii U eShop has come a long way since launch, though the day one line-up did also have some rather enjoyable options on offer. The library was particularly slow to grow in its first year, but an influx of excellent titles has since flowed. The platform's support for Unity and various tools in the Nintendo Web Framework have...





  • News Nintendo Releasing a Wii Sports Club Wii U Hardware Bundle in Japan

    A reverse from Wii Sports not being bundled with Wii in the region

    With Wii U hardware sales in Japan once again down to four-figure numbers in the weekly charts, Nintendo's preparing a fresh bundle to attract the region's consumers. This time around the offering, pictured above, will include the three Wii Sports Club eShop titles released so far,...



  • News Nintendo Launches New Wii U Christmas Advertising In Japan

    'Tis the season to be jolly

    Although Nintendo's advertising in various regions arguably took a while to ramp up, a fresh campaign in Japan appears to tick all the right boxes. It promotes the fun of Wii U with friends and family, as well as some of the exclusive first-party titles on offer this holiday season. The “Atsumareba” advertising...

  • Video Check Out Wii Sports Club's Skill Shaper Modes

    Brush up on your tennis and bowling

    Wii Sports Club isn't just a series of HD remakes of the events seen in the Wii launch classic — it also offers "Skill Shaper" modes which are supposed to enhance and improve your talents by focusing on the basics. Each sport has three Skill Shaper events, and you can view all six (three from Tennis, three from...

  • Video Nintendo Wii Sports Club Trailer Goes For Cheesy Family Fun

    Grandparents, kids and bland aspirational rock music ahoy!

    Who remembers the marketing for Wii Sports? We sure do, because it did a rather effective job, in an over-nostalgic and excessively cheesy way, of showing how absolutely anyone could play Nintendo's motion controlled system. We saw young children, parents and grandparents united in some...

  • Nintendo Download 7th November (North America)

    Wii Sports is back, Toki Tori returns, retro Wario and more

    Arriving later than normal today, we have the Nintendo Download news for all of you gamers in North America. This week serves up a couple of options within Wii Sports Club, while we have the return of a popular WiiWare game, retail options and a number of download-only offerings. Let's get...

  • News Wii Sports Club Goes Live Right Away in North America

    The courts and alleys await, in a friendly sporting sense

    Nintendo is really keen for you to sample the delights of Tennis and Bowling in Wii Sports Club. If you don't jump onto the eShop it'll be delivered to your Wii U — space permitting — via SpotPass, while Nintendo of America has confirmed that the download is available right away on the...

  • News Packaged Physical Release of Wii Sports Club May Happen

    Might not be an exclusive digital offering

    Nintendo is a smart cookie when it comes to milking franchises. Its products, services, and software regularly offer the perfect balance of new and old. The latest example of this is Wii Sports Club – a digital remake of the original Wii Sports in HD, with online play and Miiverse functionality joining...

  • Nintendo Download 7th November (Europe)

    Wii Sports returns, Layton's legacy, Olympics, Batman and much more

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