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  • News Randy Pitchford Isn't All That Into Motion Controls

    ...despite his studio doing the Wii version of Samba de Amigo

    Gearbox head guy Randy Pitchford has spoken to Gamasutra about the future of the gaming hardware industry, and has revealed that he's not all that bothered about motion control 'gimmicks': Different people make different stabs. Some of these stabs folks make become standards. Most of...


  • News Amigo, Amigo.. Samba, Samba!

    SEGA today release the updated Wii incarnation of the Dreamcast original maraca madness known as Samba de Amigo across Europe.

    The samba-inspired rhythm music game made popular in the arcades is shaking its way onto the Wii™! Keeping the beat with over 40 songs on a Samba-inspired sound track, players shake the Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ like...


  • News Wii Samba fun re-dated

    SEGA celebrate the announcement of the final release date for Samba de Amigo by throwing you an online mini-game.

    The Samba-inspired rhythm music game made popular in arcades and on the Dreamcast is shaking its way exclusively onto the Wii! Grab your friends and shake the Wii controllers like maracas to the beat in a variety of crazy environments...


  • News Best Trailer Ever: Samba De Amigo

    What do you get when you put a fat guy in pink braces, a monkey with maracas and a bored family all in the same room?

    The best trailer in the world of course. After the terrible SEGA Bass Fishing trailer, SEGA has finally earned our respect back.


  • News Samba De Amigo Wii - Gearbox Speaks

    The FPS expert is bringing the Dreamcast classic bang up to date, so dust off your maracas, people

    Brothers in Arms developer Gearbox Software may not be a name that instantly springs to mind when considering which software house should be tasked with updating the Sega classic Samba de Amiga, but the company has nevertheless been awarded that...


  • News Samba Wii Amigo

    Sega officially announce Samba De Amigo for Wii, a brand new game, not a Virtual Console title as once rumoured.

    SEGA Europe Ltd. and SEGA of America, Inc. are excited to announce that they are bringing back Samba De Amigo™, the Dreamcast classic that helped to create the now-popular rhythm music genre. Created exclusively for the Wii™ home...