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  • Soapbox What Makes A Game A Good Metroidvania Anyway?

    Similar differences can make the genre hard to pin down

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that nothing could be simpler than working out the secret formula that binds all of the great games in this popular genre together — the clue’s in the name! They need to be just like Metroid, with all the shooting and the aliens and the sci-fi-ness and the...







  • Poll Box Art Brawl #1 - Super Metroid

    Vote for your favourite retro box art variant

    Welcome one and all to the first in a series where we pit regional retro releases against each other to decide once and for all which territory got the very best box art! And no, it's not always Japan. Over the years, the art on your video game box has increasingly taken a backseat as digital purchases...











  • Feature Why We're Still Playing... Super Metroid

    Mitch Vogel on why it’s just as good 20+ years later

    This is a series of features that'll focus on games that we keep playing again and again, either over an unhealthy number of hours or those that keep getting return visits long after they first graced our systems. I believe that the true test of a game's value is found in how well it stands...








  • Talking Point Super Metroid's 20th Anniversary Reminds Us Of What We Are Missing

    New Metroid games must be coming, right?

    Today brought us a notable landmark, with the much-loved Super Metroid celebrating its 20th Anniversary. It's enough to make some of us feel old, but more importantly acts as a testament to the title's exceptional quality; you can play it now on your still shiny Wii U and it stands up to scrutiny. Visually...

  • News Super Metroid is 20 Years Old Today

    One of the all time greats

    Super Metroid is 20 years old today, having been released in Japan on 19th March 1994. It's a title that would go on to be one of a number of iconic, memorable experiences on the 16-bit machine, and is still revered to this day. Alternatively called Metroid 3, this title — like others in the series that would follow —...


  • Weirdness There's a Metroid in my Spelunky

    A cross-over too good to be true

    Spelunky with a dash of Metroid — it sounds just as bizarre, yet as appetising, as pea and ham soup. That’s why this weird match-up has now been made a reality by mod maker, joey4track. To publicise his unique creation exclusive to the PC version of the game, he passed the modification onto YouTube personality...



  • Video This Super Metroid Animation is Rather Impressive

    Let's all dream of a full animated series...

    So, things have gone a bit quiet with the Metroid franchise. Metroid: Other M divided fans on the Wii, 3DS ambassadors received a copy of Game Boy Advance title Metroid Fusion, and the IP made an appearance in Nintendo Land. None of those have quite satisfied fans in recent years, it's safe to assume...




  • News Super Metroid is 19 Years Old Today

    A defining game of the 16-bit era

    We couldn't forget this anniversary now, could we? 19 years ago Super Metroid was released in Japan, though it was in later Western releases that it truly found an adoring audience. While not the first game in the series, it's arguably the most commonly cited and recognisable adventure starring Samus Aran. Whether...

  • News Super Metroid Symphony Album to be Released on 19th March

    Another arrangement from the Synthetic Orchestra

    While many enthusiasts and talented musicians create terrific remixes or orchestrations of popular game soundtracks, not all are as prolific or well-regarded as the Synthetic Orchestra. The creation of Blake Robinson, the studio is his project to take well known themes from various sources — many of...



  • News This Super Metroid Cover Will Blow Your Mind

    Rock me, Ridley

    Given that video game music is held in such high regard by players, it's perhaps not surprising that there are literally hundreds of tributes floating around the net right now. However, few can match the awesomeness of this effort by On Being Human. The band - which is made up of film, television and video game composers - posted...


  • News Metroid Fan Film is Light on Action, Heavy on Chat


    We've seen some great Nintendo fan films over the years; films that made us think "if only". This short film, Metroid: Encounter at Ceres Colony, wants to be next. As the name suggests, the short takes Super Metroid as its inspiration but mixes in some elements from the Metroid Prime Trilogy too. Serious Samus fans will also enjoy other...


  • News Catch a Live Stream of Symphonic Legends This Thursday Evening

    Orchestral arrangements of classic Nintendo games

    If you've not got any plans this Thursday night, then be sure to tune into a live stream of Symphonic Legends' orchestral renditions of classic video games. Produced by Thomas Boecker with Jonne Valtonen taking lead composer duties, the WDR Radio Orchestra will be performing at the Cologne...