Link 'n' Launch

Link 'n' Launch (DSiWare)


Intelligent Systems


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User Ratings: 2

Our Review: 7/10


Also Known As
Panel Renketsu 3 Minute Rocket (Japanese title)
Number of Players
Single Player
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  • 8th Feb 2010, 500 points
  • 6th Aug 2010, 500 points
  • 11th Nov 2009

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Link 'n' Launch Screenshot
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    We have liftoff!

    If it's one thing Intelligent Systems has become well known for over the years, it's their diverse game development. While they've had their hands in quite a few of Nintendo's biggest selling hits over the years, it's their Advance Wars and Paper Mario series that tend to stick out in most people's minds. Now, they've decided to try...

About The Game

Take your puzzle-solving skills to new heights in Link 'n' Launch!

Complete the basic training mode to learn how to play Link 'n' Launch, and then buckle in for the ride through the robust Missions and Puzzles modes. Missions mode has you propelling the rocket through space to reach the target planet within a three-minute time limit, while Puzzles mode challenges you to clear all fuel and pipe tiles from the screen. In both modes, not only do you need to create a path to keep your rocket fueled, but you'll also have to account for immovable tiles and special tiles that upgrade your rocket or give you additional time to complete the level, all while keeping your rocket's flight path within the established boundaries. The launch countdown has begun – are you prepared?