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  • News Project X Zone Battles Into UK Top 20 in Debut Week

    Lacking the X Factor

    Recent UK all-format software chart updates have been full of good news, with various 3DS exclusives — most recently Animal Crossing: New Leaf — appearing regularly in the top 10. Nintendo's hugely popular real-time title is still performing well, staying in fourth place in this week's updated results from UKIE. For last...

  • Nintendo Download 4th July (Europe)

    Pilotwings returns, X Zone madness, Game Gear goodies and more

    It's Monday morning, and it's that time again for European download gamers. This week's download goodies are confirmed, including a Super NES title that we think will be popular, a chaotic retail release on 3DS and plenty more besides. Let's get down to the details, shall we? Wii U...




  • News Project X Zone European Release Date Confirmed

    It'll be available in July

    Last week Namco Bandai revealed Project X Zone would be coming to North America on 25th June, but Europe was left with its original vague release date of Summer 2013. This lead people to believe European 3DS owners would be getting the game much later than their American counterparts, however, this is not the case at all...

  • News Project X Zone Release Date Confirmed in North America

    Europe still down for Summer 2013

    Back in January Namco Bandai confirmed the brilliant-looking tactical-RPG Project X Zone would be coming to North America and PAL regions this Summer, despite sales being relatively poor in Japan. The 3DS title is a crossover that sees characters from the SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai universes battle it out for...


  • News Project X Zone Localisation Will Keep The Japanese Voice Track

    Dig out your reading glasses

    After a full-on day of Wii U focus thanks the Wii U Direct, let's give some love to 3DS and one of its hottest games due to arrive this summer. With Namco Bandai recently confirming its localisation, there are certainly a number of gamers looking forward to some RPG mash-up action in the upcoming Project X Zone; based on...

  • News Project X Zone Fighting To a Worldwide Release This Summer

    Crossing over from Japan

    Project X Zone, the rather fabulous-looking crossover strategy-RPG featuring characters from SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai franchises, looked destined to be a Japan-only release, especially after underwhelming sales prompted a hefty price-cut. In surprising news, Namco Bandai has confirmed that the title is being localised...

  • News Project X Zone Suffers Massive Price Drop In Japan

    3DS tactical role-player discounted by 85%

    Namco Bandai's cross-over RPG Project X Zone has seen its price slashed by an incredible 85% by one Japanese retailer in what appears to be an effort to shift unsold stock. To make matters even more embarrassing, it would appear that the version of the game being discounted is the first-print limited...


  • News Namco Bandai Impressed By Western Interest In Project X Zone

    Chance for an English-language version yet?

    Cross-over RPG Project X Zone launched on the 3DS in Japan earlier this year but hasn't been granted a western release as yet - despite the efforts of Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada. However, some people at Namco Bandai are at least aware of the demand for this game in this part of the world - including...


  • News Project X Zone Struggles At Japanese Retail

    Crossover RPG limps to 100,000 copies

    Namco Bandai's much-hyped tactical RPG Project X Zone isn't performing as well as expected in its native Japan, with just 12,450 sold during the week of Monday 15th October. That brings the game's total sales to 97,989 units since its launch a week before. In contrast, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has managed...

  • News 3DS and Bravely Default Flying High in Japanese Charts

    As expected, really

    We've often reported that 3DS is performing particularly well in Japan, and that trend is continuing this week with the release of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, the eagerly anticipated RPG from Square Enix. When considered alongside recent positive news about 3DS software sales in North America, it seems as if Nintendo's...


  • News Project X Zone Could See A Western Release Yet

    Tekken boss is pushing for localisation

    We're all painfully aware that Project X Zone is looking pretty sweet right now. It's always been an outside bet for release outside of Japan though; the fact that its prequel Namco × Capcom never got released in the West doesn't exactly inspire confidence. However, the chances of the game making it to these...


  • News Project X Zone Unveils Yet More New Characters

    Crossed over with a crossover

    When it comes to crossover titles, Project X Zone is pushing the boat out by merging three universes: SEGA, Capcom and Namco Bandai. One issue that won't affect this game is a shortage of characters, with plenty of them lined up already and more just announced. Famitsu has revealed (via Andriasang) that Tron and...

  • News Project X Zone Trailer is 10 Minutes of Chaos

    And thirty seconds of clarity

    Capcom-Namco-SEGA strategy RPG Project X Zone might not make sense just yet — we blame all that pesky Japanese writing and dialogue — but its blend of tactical turns-based battles and all-out chaos makes it fun to watch. The trailer below shows what the game looks like in action (though you'd probably already...


  • News Project X Zone Hits Japan on 11th October

    Now, about that worldwide release...

    Project X Zone, the RPG mash-up featuring well-known characters from Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai franchises, has been generating a lot of hype in Japan. Teasing details about battle mechanics, featured characters and even the in-game music have been coming thick and fast, with the most important reveal so far...

  • News Project X Zone Rocking Over 45 Music Tracks

    Suggestion of 90 characters, too

    Project X Zone, the intriguing RPG-strategy title that features a crossover of characters from Capcom, SEGA and Namco Bandai, appears to be getting plenty of hype ahead of its release in Japan this year. Information is slowly being revealed through the title's blog page, and the lovely people over at Andriasang have...


  • News Project X Zone Details Sure to Push Buttons

    More characters and attack styles

    As Project X Zone gets closer to its Japanese release, the hype-machine is building up nicely with regular reveals and teasers. First up are combat details: Support Attacks will allow fellow team members within roughly eight spaces to perform a one time follow-up attack to inflict extra damage. Meanwhile, if the...


  • News Frank West and Hsien-Ko Join Project X Zone

    Say 'cheese'

    Namco Bandai-SEGA-Capcom crossover Project X Zone already has a pretty sturdy line-up of characters, but it just got bigger with new faces coming in from Dead Rising, Darkstalkers, Resonance of Fate and more. Here's who's who out of the new faces: Gods Eater Burst: Alisa, SomaResonance of Fate: Leanne, ZephyrDarkstalkers: Hsien-KoDead...

  • News Project X Zone Website Opens With a Bang

    Check out that music

    Last week we brought you the first screens of upcoming 3DS title Project X Zone, a project being produced by Capcom, Namco Bandai and SEGA. After an intriguing teaser involving a science lab, it was unveiled as a strategy RPG featuring iconic characters from all three developers, enough to get the blood pumping in many gamers...

  • News Project X Zone Screens Burst Out

    More next week

    The first scans of Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA collaboration Project X Zone (pronounced "Project Cross Zone") emerged yesterday, but now we have crisp, clear stills of the game in action. The shots show the strategy RPG's combat team-ups: Mega Man and Zero, Ryu and Ken, Demitri and Dante, Akira and Pai and more are all in...

  • News Namco, SEGA and Capcom Reveal Project X Zone

    3DS strategy RPG unveiled

    The teasing is over: the mystery Namco Bandai, Capcom and SEGA 3DS project is Project X Zone, a strategy RPG for 3DS. The countdown clock hasn't ended yet but Famitsu has led with the first details on the game. Characters from all three companies will fight in pairs: Ryu and Ken, Pai and Akira, Jin and Ling Xiaoyu to give a...