Also Known As
Imagine Fashion Designer 3D
Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date


  • US 15th Nov 2011
  • EU 11th Nov 2011
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    "I don’t design clothes, I design dreams"

    Imagine Fashion Designer 3D shies away from simulating the job to presenting a facsimile of it, gamifying the act of compiling outfit combinations and their superficial design. It’s certainly not a deep and involving game of nuanced mechanics and choices as you try to climb the fashion guru ladder; to...

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Imagine Fashion Designer Screenshot
Imagine Fashion Designer Screenshot
Imagine Fashion Designer Screenshot
Imagine Fashion Designer Screenshot
Imagine Fashion Designer Screenshot

About The Game

Create whatever you dream in the most realistic & customizable fashion design game yet. Then share creations with friends!

Create whatever you dream in the latest game from Imagine®, the original Games for Girls brand, that offers the most realistic and customizable fashion design game yet for the Nintendo 3DS system. Chart your own path to becoming a world famous fashion designer by creating the most unique and lifelike 3D looks, developing the wardrobe of your dreams and sharing your creations with friends.

Imagine Fashion Designer fully leverages the Nintendo 3DS system’s features, with almost-touchable 3D designs and textures, StreetPass sharing, 3D camera captures and more.

  • Bring your unique fashions to life: See all your designs in stunning 3D and keep them in your own virtual walk-in closet.
  • Limitless customization options allow you to create whatever you dream: Free yourself from predefined patterns and create original pieces that YOU design, such as asymmetrical-shaped dresses, cool new prints and more. Even capture your favorite patterns with the Nintendo 3DS camera to create unique prints!
  • Discover the latest trends and develop your fashion skills: Learn tips from fashion journalists and try your hand at 50+ fun challenges including designing outfits for top stars and magazine covers, expanding your fashion brand internationally and managing your budget.
  • A social experience: Check out friends’ designs, participate in fun challenges in 2-player multiplayer, and even sell, buy and give creations to friends.
  • Unique Nintendo 3DS features: Capture your favorite patterns with the 3D camera to create unique prints, view almost-touchable fabrics, get 360-degree views of your outfits, keep up with the latest fashion news via StreetPass features and more.