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  • US 8th Nov 2011
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Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot
Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot
Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot
Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot
Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot
Face Racers: Photo Finish Screenshot

Face Racers: Photo Finish News

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    Behind the scenes look at game development

    For those of you who enjoy an inside look at the daily life of a game developer, Renegade Kid co-founder and Creative Director Jools Watsham has just the thing for you. All this week, Jools will be posting a vlog on his YouTube account each day in which he'll talk about some of the interesting aspects of...

About The Game

Put on your race face!

Start your turbo-charged engines and blast into the outrageous arcade racing game Face Racers: Photo Finish, with photo customisable 3D racers that put YOU in the game! Available on the Nindendo 3DS, Face Racers delivers unique, in-your-face gameplay with dangerous obstacles that come to life in 3D right before your eyes! Take photos with your 3DS camera and place them on the face of your custom 3D racer, billboards, and power-ups. Take on friends in multiplayer mode for a true photo finish!

  • Tilt your 3DS like a steering wheel to race your customisable car with ease and precision. The unique tilt-steering control system is made easy for everyone to turn, accelerate, brake and reverse.
  • Take a photo with the Nintendo 3DS camera and map it to your custom 3D avatar's face. Personalise photos with tons of choices, from hairstyles to clothing and accessories
  • Select your unique kart and customise it to stand out. Choose from different racing attributes, colors, designs and add-ons including spoilers and wheel arches.
  • Unlock hidden tracks, race against the clock and prove you're the fastest in multiple game modes including Championship, Quick Race, Battle, and more that deliver the ultimate racing experience across various difficulties.
    Race in 20 exotic track locations, skid around corners, soar over chasms, and experience intense speed with physics-based racing dynamics.
  • Collect fun power-ups including trip missles, shields, and slow motion to use against your competitors to speed ahead.
  • All performances are recorded using leaderboards so you can see where you rank in each event.
  • Challenge your friends in Single-Card, Multi-Card, and Online Multiplayer for up to 4 players!