Topic: Demos: More or less likely to buy?

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I'm really glad I got NyxQuest. I got to the first boss today, and I'm about five levels in. Awesome game, I highly recommend it.



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[btw, how much is Bit Trip Beat?]

500 points in Japan, 600 elsewhere.

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The demo's are great , but none have enticed me to part with my money !!! "Nyxquest " was quite good but it had a very detached feeling about it ? very tempted by "World of Goo" but at 1500 points its not a goer ,as i have bought brand new full games at that price ie "Little Kings Story"&"Opoona" ect

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i downloaded my life as a darklord

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FFMLaaDL: Didn't play

You're missing out... play it!

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Bit Trip Beat - trippy visuals, cool sounds, but gameplay is a bit basic. Won't be buying, but it was nice to try
Nyx Quest - I really like the look of this. Will almost certainly be buying.
World of Goo - Enjoyed the demo of this. May buy it, but 1500 points is quite steep.
Pokemon Rumble - Seemed decent, but I prefer more traditional Pokemon games. Probably won't be buying
Darklord - Not my type of game. Tried the demo anyway and it confirmed my suspicions. Still nice to try it out though anyway



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