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Just downloaded Metroid Other M thanks to a my.nintendo discount. Still downloading so I haven’t played it yet. NintendoLife gave it a 9/10 so you can’t go wrong with their recommendation of another amazing Metroid game.

Edgey, Gumshoe, Godot, Sissel, Larry, then Mia, Franziska, Maggie, Kay and Lynne.

I'm throwing my money at the screen but nothing happens!



If you're not a big metroid fan, meaning that you don't know very well the saga then you could enjoy the game.
But if you know the stories, the lore, the gameplays etc... then it's the worst of all...

I personally give a 5/10. Ow and another stuff, do not judge the game only on it's 1st level because after the first one, you're gonna start to understand what happend during the development of the game... it's obvious... :/

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Bought Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World. It's my preferred version of Super Mario World because you can play as Luigi. I would recommend it to everyone



Wario Land 4. Best GBA game ever!



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