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Ok so wats the deal for a long time now high voltage has been telling us about wii speak being inducted into the conduit but does anybody know if this for friends only or just for everybody I know that there has been mixed answers but I want the truth!!!



Wii Speak is only for friend play. Nintendo doesn't allow any form of verbal communication with random opponents on any of their systems as company policy, and High Voltage has said nothing contrary.

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It's friend only, there was an interview or something somewhere i read a few weeks ago where they officially stated it.
Also, I heard that there is a system where players closer to you will take precedence over those farther away, in game of course.

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Friends only. Thank Nintendo for that... Then again, do you really want to hear what these whiny kids want to say? XBL sounds like a day-care online, god knows the Wii can't be any better if voice communication was allowed in public matches.

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Agreed, I cannot say I'm bothered about that overmuch, but I can see where the possibility of community would be good.

I really don't see anyone doing a random meet-up/chat program and getting that on the Wii. There's no way Nintendo would risk the possibility of a news event including "<insert crime> facilitated by Wii!"

The good thing is there's forums like this one where people can hook up; sadly for less popular games with online components, you're just outta luck (don't suppose there's any other Monster Lab owners here?)...

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