Topic: What systems do you think will come to VC?

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Majora's Mask was a 256 MegaBIT cartridge, which is only 32 megaBYTES. A bit is a 1 or a 0 and a byte is eight bits (or enough data to encode a single character of text), file sizes are usually measured in bytes but when quoting cartridge sizes companies would use bits, presumably because it gives a more impressive looking figure.

As for Saturn games, even if some games are small enough for the Wii's frankly outdated internal storage (a lot of early CD based games didn't use the full disc, some even only using 1%) the complexity of emulation makes it a bit of a non-starter. I'm not saying it couldn't be done but I don't think the groundwork needed would be deemed worthwhile for what would be a small return given the original commercial failure of the system. I also cannot see Dreamcast games on the VC but I guess this gives us something to look forward to for the potential follow-up VC on Nintendo's next console.
I think we've probably seen all the consoles that we are going to see on Wii now as Nintendo will likely not want to bewilder the average consumer with an overabundance of options.

I would like to see some classic Nintendo handheld games on VC but if not there's always emulation.



StarFox wrote:

How's about they go all the way back to the first generation? Bring back Intellivision and ColecoVision? All for 500 points each!

good call on coleco vision!

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Definitely the old Atari systems need some love, though clearly we don't need the arcade ports. 500pts might be a bit much to swallow for those given the lack of fidelity compared to the other 8-bit offerings: C64 and NES -- maybe 300pts?

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I'd love to see the Acorn Electron on there Classics such as Chuckie Egg, Barbarian, Hunchback, Jet Set Willy, Moon Buggy etc ... ahhhh memories! I'd pick these up for 300 points max.



300 points is more than reasonable for Atari and C64 games and even some NES games.



PS1! (gets shot). Ok maybe Dreamcast(please?), Saturn(Virtua Fighter!), Atari 2600.

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