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As it seem a lot of games will never see the light on VC.... what games should we get on ebay?



Get a 3DO with Road Rash, Return Fire, Return Fire: Maps O' Death, and Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
And Way of the Warrior just for laughs (and for the awesome sound track).

Edit for must-have NES games that are not on VC:
The Guardian Legend

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A Jaguar with Tempest 2000.

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What console are you interested in? What's you price range? What Game genre do you like the most?

Amazing how one question can only lead to more questions, huh?

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You should get a Nintendo 64 and get Goldeneye 007. That is my favorite game of all time, but they won't add it on VC!
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Personally not interested in anything particular. I was thinking a general list of the games worth having but not likely to appear at the VC shop. Preferably for systems available at VC shop. If I want a Vectrex game I sure must get that console, right. As I think about it... I would love a quick blast of Minestorm.
@Scribblenauter: You got my point. Just the type of suggestion this thread was made for.

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