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Hi All --

Okay, so i just decided to buy a Nintendo Wii for my girlfriend for her birthday because she has been wanting one for a while, but never wanted to bite the bullet and buy such an awesome system. She is a HUGE fan of all retro NES games, and after spending X amounts of dollars on this gift and accessories it has come to my attention that her FAVORITE NES game is not on Virtual Console.


Can we PLEASE get the NES version of JAWS on Virtual Console Soon. It actually is by far a very addicting, challenging old school retro game that keeps everyone entertained for hours.



We don't really have a say on this site what gets put on the virtual console.

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There may be licensing issues with it like many NES games.

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We can't get the game on the sevice, but if we could it would get games onto the service like we were little Nintendo reps that would be awesome!

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I'll see what I can do. Just don't get her the Wii until you hear back from me.

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I OWN THAT GAME. Never played it actually, but I do own it.

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