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This is one of my favorite games of all time and the best story to ever come out of a Mario game in my opinion. I remember when it was the newest Paper Mario game for so long before THAT game became a thing. And now it's a decade old. April 9, 2007 - April 9, 2017. A decade since they tried to make an original story without basing it entirely on an annoying gameplay gimmick. Boy... I miss when they were this creative.

Anyway. I'm making something to celebrate, just need to put finishing touches on it Anyone else love this game?

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Well i love paper mario in generell. So far color splash is my favourite despite bad battlesystem. But in my opinion this is something almost all jrpgs have in common. Actually i found it to be pretty creative. It was just fun to travel to new levels and see whats going on there. Many cool situations. Its just such an energizing and funny game. Also i love that mini mario design. Best mario design. Anyway i love that series (easily one of nintendos best) and im sure it will be continued and will keep on delivering. Happy birthday.


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@Wittgenstein OMG! Has it been that long!? I feel so old! (despite only being 18 lol) Super Paper Mario was Amazing. One of my favourite games and stories of all time. It was one of the first games to ever make me cry and it's worlds and characters were just so interesting that I never wanted it to stop. It was also really cool to be able to play as Peach, Luigi and Bowser in addition to Mario. It really affected how I viewed games (in terms of them having stories with lots of depth) and I remember being wowed so many times. Like being freaked out by Mimi, the super sad part with Luvbi , and that creepy but funny nerdy Chameleon and the whole dating sim with him! XD God, I now have to revisit this game!

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Still my favorite Paper Mario game and one of my favorite Wii games of all-time. Francis the Chameleon was hilarious.



My favourite part was when i was imprisoned and had to work by jumping against blocks so i could free me with the money i was paid. It was really funny and i could work my way up and find ways to earn more money. It would take ages otherwise.


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One of the only Nintendo games where the story is the best part. I guess it really does feel like all those years ago, in that respect.


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Wittgenstein wrote:

This is one of my favorite games of all time and the best story to ever come out of a Mario game in my opinion.

...A decade since they tried to make an original story without basing it entirely on an annoying gameplay gimmick. Boy... I miss when they were this creative.

I 100% agree, and Super Paper Mario even had its own 2.5D gameplay gimmick that made for some unique puzzles way before Fez was ever a thing. Of course the story and characters are the main attraction, but I feel like people are too harsh on SPM's gameplay when it had some really interesting puzzles throughout.

A lot of games released on the Wii get an irrational dismissal toward them that skews in favor of their predecessors. I love the Gamecube, but Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, Twilight Princess, and Super Paper Mario are some of the best games ever made. It's not all Metroid Prime 1 and The Thousand Year Door all the time — their sequels were just as great and indeed improved in many ways.

Super Paper Mario in particular gets bundled into this particularly irrational 'descent' narrative that 'it was all downhill after The Thousand Year Door.' That story people tell themselves makes very little sense when one considers the five year gap between SPM and Sticker Star and the circumstances surrounding the later's development. But anyway, that's my bit. Luvbi has one of the best character arcs of last gen, cya!

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What an excellent collection of posts in this thread, so nice to see

Alas, I've never played a single second of this game, but I did add it to my collection last year so hopefully I'll get there one day.

You guys had me at blood and semen.

What better way to celebrate than firing something out of the pipe?

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I really liked the story, the art-style and the music. Especially the music. What i did not like is how the RPG element was done. The damage, the cards thing. It just did not click that much for me. Overall a really nice game, but not a gem


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The music was great and the plot was pretty interesting, but the combat was a bit too simple, even with the 2D limitations I think there could be more variety.

The third chapter is amazing. The references and jokes are some of the best I've seen on a game.
Really schweet and high technical, as Francis would say.

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One of Nintendos greatest games and the best on Wii. Funny great art style solid gameplay and so much charm. Brilliant.



Not a fan at launch due to the heavier focus on platforming in comparison to the first two installments but looking at what Nintendo has done to the series, I must admit I enjoyed SPM quite a lot. Especially its story, humor and look.

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Good to see some love for this game. The gameplay isn't perfect - sometimes it feels like the developers just weren't comfortable with the genre - but the writing is totally brilliant. Strange as it may be to say, this Mario game is worth playing for the story.

Something that really bugs me is that a lot of people don't seem to understand the ending, complaining that a certain character's actions don't make sense. Didn't they notice that Count Bleck had doubts the entire time, and only kept his plan going because he believed it was his destiny? He's relieved when he loses, because it proves him wrong. Maybe people just didn't expect subtlety in a Mario game.




@shaneoh Agreed, this game was so boring, and I was sad about it.



Love this third Paper Mario game just as much as the first and second one. For me they're all amazing 10/10 with maybe Thousand Year-Door being the best.

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Every time someone posts here I keep thinking it's a necropost. lol

Anyways never understood why everyone hated this one, I mean yeah the characters won't shut up sometimes, but for me dialogue is one of the best things about the Paper Mario games. This and TTYD will always still be my favorite.

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Hi! I've been looking for a game like super paper mario on the wii for a while now.... any suggestions?



Super Paper Mario was the all time easiest game to play and beat. I wasn't able to defeat the final boss but it still is the best game in the market.

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Reviving 3-year-old dead threads....

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