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Hi everyone!

I've just been bought a Nintendo Wii for my birthday but it looks like I will need some kind of adapters to plug it into my iMac. I was hoping somebody could help me understand what I need. It's just the standard Wii console and a 27 inch desktop iMac running Catalina. Thanks in advance!




Well, you could try to use some Capture Devices, i used once a Video Grabber that was ment to be used to caputer VHS-Tapes.
A normal PC recognizes them as they do Webcames and you can see the Picture in many Programs.

But i am not sure what Devices are compatible with Macs and you'll have Lag.

I used it to use my Super Nintendo + Super Gameboy.
I used the standard Video App from Win 8.1 to see the Picture, as it recognized the Device as Input.
Than i made Screenshots of my Pictures on the Gameboy Camera.

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Yes, using capture devices that were specifically meant for ordinary TV or VHS tapes and not games could create problems in some. Probably were designed for 480i.
I remember for a brief time I had to use one of those as my only "TV" for playing SNES. (I heard the mode only consoles used was technically called 240p which apparently wasn't a proper video mode but they still did because CRTs would still support it and it would get 60hz rate, which could matter for some games.)



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