Topic: Playing Gamecube Game Causes Wii To Restart

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Hi there. I'm having some trouble playing Smash Melee on my wii. I got this game used a while ago and whenever I insert it into my Wii and play it, my Wii takes me straight back to the main menu. I'm pretty sure that this is a disk issue, because I inserted my Luigi's Mansion copy and I was able to play it just fine right after. If you know a way to fix this, that would be awesome. Any help would be appreciated!



Have you tried cleaning the disk? I bought Sonic Adventure 2 used a while ago and when tried to play it on my Wii it just came up with a black screen, but it worked once I cleaned the disk (I still haven't played it much though so I'm not sure if that will last).


@Dogorilla I tried that once. It still didn't work. I'll try it one more time though. Thanks!



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